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Reality Based Language

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Greetings from Berlin. As I sat down for breakfast with Tim this morning, the term faith-based community some how came up. Naturally, this was followed by the term reality-based community. He loved the both and laughed through much of the meal.

As he read through the wikipedia entries for both these terms, I started talking about Frank Luntz.. do you know that name? Well you should, because he is and was a key figure in manipulating YOU.… Read Full Text

bm203 Door to Door in New Orleans

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In an effort to shed more light on the situation that people are living in New Orleans today, this program focuses on the survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.… Read Full Text

Researching Gold Crimes

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For the past week I’ve been researching the activities of gold mining companies around the world. I’ve narrowed my focus to two places, ChilĂ© and Romania. In both places it is one mining company above all, that is focused on extracting gold despite whatever risks to the environment or communities that may involve.

In the coming weeks I intend to have a few podcasts on both places and on this topic.… Read Full Text