bmtv54 Chaos Communication Camp 2007

by bicyclemark

One of the world’s largest and most notoriously crazy open air hacker camps is underway here in Germany, and as luck would have it, I’m here too! I am after all, an information-news hacker. This vlog entry contains clips from my first three days here, free of comment, with music by Calexico to tie them all together.

Greetings from CCC – Nerd Camp

by bicyclemark

It is quite a site. Could there possibly be any gathering in the world that looks like this place? Glorious lighting that I watched until the sun started to come up, tents and caravans everywhere. Bunkers and hangars, from military installations to centers for hacktivism and fun. While many of us may be lacking sleep for most of these next few days, at the very least we won’t miss many moments of what is such an enjoyable and unforgettable creation.

Upcoming Talk at CCC

by bicyclemark

Many may remember my participation at the Chaos Communications Congress last December, and what a unique and exciting event it was. Well this August I’ll once again be speaking at a CCC event, this time at the world infamous Chaos Communications Camp.

Whereas my previous talk was all about this thing I call podcast journalism and my theories surrounding it; this time it will have less to do with me and more to do with a special group of rebellious communicators. My talk is entitled “Rebellious Communication and the Federal Flood”; focusing on the work of New Orleans based or focused bloggers as watchdogs and reporters in the process of hurricane recovery.

I plan to spread the word about the work of great activists and concerned citizens who are using the internet to expose corruption, scrutinize badly laid plans, and ask the questions the traditional media are not. I’ll surely use some examples from my own experiences and reports from NOLA.

Unfortunately this year, despite being a speaker, neither my transport nor my entrance fee are covered. This means I shall seek the cheapest possible means to get to the former soviet military base and put myself into extreme poverty just to participate. Why? Because this camp is something rare and not to be missed in this life… who knows if Ill ever have another chance.

bmtv33 Glimpse of the 23C3

by bicyclemark

Most of the time it feels odd to take any photos or video of such a special event. But naturally I couldn’t help but take some video and make this montage of how I saw this years Chaos Communications Congress. Suffice to say, from now on.. I know where I will be between xmas and new years. The Congress Website