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Galvanizing Canadians

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Galvanize 1. b: to stimulate or excite as if by an electric shock


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News out of Canada today still lacks in-depth information and examination, but so far what is coming out is that a same sex couple who got married back in 2005, while trying to get a divorce, were told by the Canadian government that their marriage had never been legal. The British-American couple was shocked at this revelation, and according to the Toronto Star (newspaper) the same applies to thousands of other same sex marriages between non-Canadians that have taken place in Canada since 2004.… Read Full Text

ctrp325 Prop8 on Trial

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Ballot initiatives are not the only battle ground in the struggle for equal rights in the United States.… Read Full Text

bm296 An LGBT Magazine in Turkey

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Kaos GL started publishing in the 90’s in an effort to get LGBT issues into the public sphere as part of the struggle for equal rights and equal protection under the law.� But what is the state of the state when it comes to gay rights in Turkey?… Read Full Text