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Farming On Either Side of Pond

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The theme this season on the blog continues to be food; the cost, growing, and politics of food.  Recently, while preparing for my journey to Thailand (next week), I’ve noticed 2 big changes coming to the agricultural policies of both the US government and the European Union.  Which could spell a change in how our food is raised and from who and how we get that food.

On the US side there’s the Farm Bill, which was vetoed by GWBush but that veto was overturned by congress.… Read Full Text

Lessons from the Amish

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Part of having a little office/studio space in an old squat means that I have to clock working hours on the actual building. Thankfully hammering, scraping, or painting are all tasks that allow me the mental freedom to listen to my favorite podcasts all day long.. stopping for the occasional watermelon break.

Today’s audio gem which I strongly recommend comes from On Point, with Tom Ashbrooke. Always a great program, the most recent episode focuses on the Amish population of the United States.… Read Full Text

bmtv39 Life Stories of my Grandparents (Part 1)

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When I spoke in Berlin last December, lots of people asked “why do you put personal things mixed with your podcasts and blog entries.” What I tried to answer then, is that everything here is personal to me.. these are issues, ideas, and people that I care about and which make me who I am.… Read Full Text

bmtv16 Grandpa’s Garden – A Vlog from Portugal

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Now that I’m back.. after a long long frustrating journey home, I’d like to change gears for a moment and share a few vlogs capturing the beauty of the Portugal I know and love.

This one was filmed in Pero Moniz, Cadaval. My mother’s hometown, where my grandparents live and where I spent many many summers.… Read Full Text