Kurt Bassuener: Bosnia 101

MP3 Audio [29 MB]DownloadShow URL “People here are a whole lot more rational than they give themselves credit for.  They all think they are more moderate than the norm; they don’t realize they are the norm.” Kurt Bassuener has been working on the issue of Bosnia for over 15 years and in that time has […]

ctrp423 Myths of Cannabis Prohibition in the Netherlands

MP3 Audio [39 MB]DownloadShow URL Over the past years alot of half-assed information has been spread by a combination of poor journalism and rumors via social media, which states that foreigners can no longer buy cannabis in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Though this is untrue, word about an experimental policy in the south of the Netherlands […]

ctrp319 Mass Student Revolt in Austria

MP3 Audio [21 MB]DownloadShow URL You’ve heard the story before, especially over the past decade: a European university announces sweeping reforms because of the legendary Bologna Process and EU requirements.  This discussion often comes with the introductions of new fee’s for students, tighter controls on how long a student can study, and the move into […]

ctrp317 European News Values from West to East

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL Sitting in as far East as geographic Europe goes, questions about where we are and how things here differ from things over there arise. While in Western Europe issues regarding climate change are high on the public agenda, how does that issue fair in the East? On this particular night […]