bm165 High Demands of the Western World

by bicyclemark

This being a family weekend in Brussels, I sat down to better explain what it is that is so troubling about the way we measure success in elections. With help from Monty Python, Ralph Nader, and a comment left by Tim Pritlove and others.


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come to Vlog Europe next weekend in Milano

bmtv26 Time Will Tell

by bicyclemark

A Statement for my videoblog regarding the recent voting results. Normally I would have deleted it because I find it less than interesting. But Im tired and spent too much time putting it together to destroy it now.

A Media Pact

by bicyclemark

First of all, I hereby promise that this will be the last post this week related to US congressional elections and US politics. Not because I’m one of those “lets not talk politics, it makes everyone upset” people… but rather because on this blog, I value the fact that the world is larger than just one country… plus its a personal blog.. so I could surely tell a story or two of interesting cultural learnings for make benefit of great internet.

Most of you probably don’t watch GW Bush press conferences. This because you value your mental health, time, ears, and intelligence. Watching him speak has been proven to put any of these at risk.
But I live in Amsterdam and things here are always in some sort of twilight zone, so I watch the press conferences… I guess because everyone has an unhealthy passtime.

So what I notice tonight, more than ever, is that exactly at a moment where the press should be asking tough questions and making this man explain all his vague promises and preminitions when it comes to the election, national issues, and the ever-so-vague “finish the mission” talk about Iraq…. instead of pressuring him to actually answer what the hell he has planned, they do the exact opposite. Throw the man softballs… and worst of all… and this one almost made me spit up my dinner all over innocent roomate: they joke with him!

Now I know some us like to joke on the job… hell I did.. when I had a job. But the relationship between media and president is not one of colleagues. They are monitors. Their role is to ensure he is doing his job, as leader of the country, properly and not misrepresenting or adopting policies that could prove detrimental. You know.. like sending thousands of people to their deaths.. that kind of thing.

A Media with such a role; acting as the fourth estate of checks and balances, would not be a media that shares inside jokes and winks and nudges with the president. They wouldn’t further allow the president to avoid doing his job or facing criticism by laughing at his jokes and responding with more jokes. That wouldn’t work very well, if they are to be a critical force that the president takes seriously.

But the fact is… they do this. They laugh it up. He calls them by their first names. He probably buys them booze, drugs, and sex like Nixon used to do for his campaign press.

Photo from Flickr member Luna Park  -- thanks!

My thought after once again seeing this sick and useless relationship… is an idea. A pact, if you will. The entire white house press core should take this oath.. make this pact.. for the good of the nation and to properly due their job as the fourth estate: promise to never ever laugh at the presidents’ joke during a press conference or an interview. Sure he’ll tell them often.. trying to avoid producing answers or revealing his dark secrets.. but the press should keep to this strict rule… and there should be dead silence anytime he tells one of his one line zingers. Dead silence! And wait for the president to answer the question.. or keep asking the same question if he tries to move on.

In my little imagination I can see it now… the great media stonewall… no more kidding around and laughing it up. Just watchdogs.. reporters… investigators.. who can joke around once the job is done and the president has gone back to his lonely corner.

Thats what I’d like. Just a little wish.

(If you seek post-election analysis not from the mainstream.. don’t look to me.. consult Liberty Cap)

Destroy a Voting Machine for Christ

by bicyclemark

Did you vote already today?

Sucker. That machine didn’t record your vote.

But hey, I don’t blame you for trying.

They should crunch some numbers and come up with a statistic: what percentage of cast votes are actually counted?

Thank you, ace reporter, for taking some photos!

I sent ace reporter, recently laid off from CNN, innappropriate Brian to the polls with a camera only a few minutes ago. And as he is a great journalist with a terrible camera eye, and I think he was worried he’d get arrested, he came through with this picture. If it were at all in focus, you could see Hillary Rottenham Clinton, supporter of all illegal wars and corporate welfare, located right there on the ballot. And get a load of that machine… it is wacky.

Good luck out there voting citizens. Buy a pint of ice cream on the way home, sit in front of the TV and watch something you left on TIVO. Because it is going to be a bumpy ride once the republicrats take over the government they already control.

Ugh.. I sound all sarcastic and uppity. Maybe I should get back to world news and personal stories.

UPDATE: I’m picking up voter irregularity stories from around New Jersey; Patterson, Newark especially. The awful truth is hard to surpress.