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ctrp408 A West African Journey

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Yam Farming

When three friends set out on a journey through West Africa, they knew an unpredictable but potentially wonderful adventure awaited them. … Read Full Text

ctrp395 Behind the Famine in Somalia

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Photo by Oxfam Italia

Earlier this year a famine was declared in Somalia.… Read Full Text

ctrp385 Bringing Internet to Afghanistan

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Juan Rodriguez

Since the beginning of 2011 Juan Rodriguez has been working in Afghanistan with the mission to help this country communicate. … Read Full Text

The Costs of Cups

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Aveiro Stadium, Photo by flickr member moacirpdsp

It is surely an unpopular topic when so much national pride seems to be placed on large international soccer tournaments, but while everyone is high-fiving each other or fuming about their team being eliminated, there is a tremendous cost for all this fanfare.  Who bares this cost? How much is it? Why is it so expensive?

Few are brave enough to ask these questions, to question such a loved and long-running tradition is surely a risky dinner conversation. … Read Full Text