Hit me today while watching the Cobert Report.. Jetlag with a Vengence. Where am I.. who am I.. what year is it. Must.. go .. to .. sleep.

Ive noticed Soda everywhere. Everyones drinking soda. Terrible Terrible High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Phosphate whats-it-called and all the tooth decay and the pestisides… why do these soda companies do this to people? And why do people volunteer to ingest this crap?

The Soda wars continue in India. The US needs some Soda wars of its own. Starting with the childen.. keep soda out of the hands of children.

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Roasted on Karmabanque

Before my sweaty weekend in Paris ended, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Madge and the Max and Stacey of Karmabanque fame. I’m a longtime listener of the KB and indeed it was a pleasure to sit and talk with them. However I’m listening back to this recording and I’m fairly horrified at my overall self. Mostly my pessimism, and partially what sounds like my ignorance regarding certain facts.

So it goes I guess… go take a listen to Karmabanque and decide for yourself. I think I got roasted. (this one is not in my feed, go find it on their site, July 2nd roast involving coke in our hair.)

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