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ctrp320 The Arctic as a Personal and Global Challenge

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He does what?Read Full Text

bm291 Climate Change and The Age of Stupid

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He has traveled around the world showing the Al Gore film and speaking about climate change.… Read Full Text

bm205 Global Shipping and Its Pollution

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The typical mainstream discussion about global warming contains mostly conversations about political deals, automobile usage, and where they’re putting a new wind farm.… Read Full Text

My North Jersey, UnderWater

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My dear Anna over at the Voice wrote to me about the flooding in New Jersey. I had heard something this morning about flooding in New Jersey, but it hadn’t occurred to me that it was taking place in the area I love deeply… the Passaic River/Paterson, NJ.

I flipped through the pictures of flooded parts around the river, areas that I lived so near to and so often visited.… Read Full Text