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Watch the Caucuses Triangle!

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The much anticipated documentary “The Caucuses Triangle” is now out and up on the web for all to see.  It is a story and a journey that takes us from Azerbaijan to Armenia to Georgia, looking at youth media and the current situation in this unique region.  Director and friend of the podcast Letizia Gambini was on the podcast just a few months ago talking about the research and process of making the film.… Read Full Text

ctrp380 Intro to Georgia

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Tbilisi by Morieli on flickr

I suddenly find myself in the republic of Georgia and the first thing one needs when arriving in a new country such as Georgia is a guide.… Read Full Text

Headed to the Rep of Georgia

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I’m on my way to Tblisi, Georgia, the jewel of the Caucuses. Nestled next to the Black Sea, under the more infamous regions of Russia, and next door to the lovely nations of Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. My focus in Georgia will be digital activism, a topic near and dear to my heart, and of interest to many people in that nation. As I conduct workshops I shall also be learning about the country from people I meet, specifically what is working and what is not working for Georgian citizens today.  … Read Full Text

Manipulation Through Nationalism

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Watching video of last week’s Iowa Caucuses on the Uptake, it left me severely disturbed to watch as people stand in a room and yell at each other about which candidate is best. They scream and shout and hardly anyone listens and they spout rhetoric that anyone could have heard from the candidate themselves over the past year. They use adjectives to praise a candidate who they think they know, “honest”, “determined”, “strong”, “experienced”… naturally it is the same list people have been using since the feudal days when the king and queen were the most suited to lead us thanks to their nobility and wisdom.… Read Full Text