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Don’t Just Take a Picture

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Occupy Amsterdam is officially one week old. Occupy Wall Street is now over a month old. Around the world masses of people occupy their public spaces to discuss and demand big changes in how governments and business have been conducting themselves for the last few decades.  Many do what they have always done: watch it on TV, read about it in the press, discredit the idea of taking action on such a broad scale.  … Read Full Text

Adventures in Credit Card Land

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Michael Moore has been appearing and speaking in alot of interview programs that I happen to listen or watch over the past week, in connection with his new movie – Capitalism: A Love Story.  Moore certainly doesn’t need any help from me, nor will it come as much of a surprise that I’m a great admirer of his since I was about 17 years old.  But recently during one of these interviews he starting talking about a topic that got me thinking about my own experience.… Read Full Text

bm222 Responsible Investment, Where is Your Money?

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Most people put money in the bank and figure it stays there waiting for them.… Read Full Text