Philly Still Loves Me

Philadelphia is some kind of place. The kind of place that always makes me feel so dam welcome and comfy I start to forget what year it is and where I live.

SOmetimes you go to philly to visit with two of your most important people in the world and they know just where to take you and what funny jokes to tell and just the right shade of pink bike for you to ride.

Mickie's photomagic.

Thats how it worked for me this weekend, and come to think of it, that is how it works every year when I come to Philly for a night or two.

Then there’s that part where they try to convince me to live there. Between their fascinating community, beautiful lady friends, and obese yet charming housecats, it is a struggle to keep saying no. Mostly Id like to just hang out in philly a bit longer before heading back to amsterdam, city that I love and is always on my mind.

But the city itself is worthy of anyone’s time and interest. Some declared it dead in the past few decades, others may have noticed a renaissance, while still others would probably say – hey.. its the same as it ever was…. same as it ever was…

Whatever the case for me it is THAT PLACE. That place where I would hang my hat and ride my bike cautiously down through the streets… that is.. if I HAD to live in the US.

Which I don’t.

Tomorrow its back to New Orleans issues and more of my (non Karl) roving reports.

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bmtv11 Berlin Intellectual Football Viewing

While in Berlin, Tim invited me to see Germany play…. from a former bath house in a very cool area. It was a very unique and truely Berlin experience.

Watch the Video

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bm121 The Clash between business and alternative news values

Back in 2001 I was working at the Voice, and even then the writing was on the wall: business was booming, and the new media empire would keep growing, and the old values of alternativeness were slowly being discarded, along with the journalists who believed in them.

AudioCommunique #121 (mp3)

Some audio courtesy of Democracy Now from April 13th.
Voice from Beyond the Grave Article
And then this article from the SF Bay guardian
Final Fantasy – The Day the Audience Died (something like that)
Clash – Complete Control
Immortal Technique – Dance With the Devil
K’naan – Voices in My Head

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