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ctrp344 The Effects of the World Cup on South Africa

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Photo by Flickr member jit bag

After all the glamour and hoopla surround the World Cup in South Africa, what about the actual costs and benefits of such an event for South Africa.… Read Full Text

ctrp306 Videojournalist in Somalia

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As Somalia struggles to exist amidst what is a never ending power struggle, it is rare to have a reporter filing stories from the inside.… Read Full Text

ctrp303 Blogging, Development, and Africa

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In all the excitement of my trip to Istanbul last month, I failed to post 2 podcasts I recording during my time at the Re:publica conference in Berlin.… Read Full Text

Engagement Over Isolation

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Well my dear Portugal has taken over the EU presidency, and there is quite a buzz about their inviting Zimbabwe’s elected dictator Robert Mugabe to the upcoming Africa summit.

The UK and associated countries are upset, since there has been an ongoing travel ban on him and members of his government. Portugal is reportedly doing this because the African Union insists that every country be treated equally. But really this comes back to a classic debate in life, politics, you name it.… Read Full Text