CTRP482 Scavenging with Jay and Ryanne

Jay and Ryanne used to live in big cities and work big jobs in an effort to pay expensive rents and live what they thought would be the good life. Then they decided to make a radical change. Quit the 9 to 5, left the over priced city, and stepped back from the career game. They moved to a quiet rural community and started keeping bee’s and making things for themselves. They also started finding bargains in second hand shops and flea markets, reselling them online for a profit. Several years later this experiment has become a way of life, allowing them to own their own home, run a B&B, and each year travel to places they love in different parts of the world. To my great fortune, one of those places is Amsterdam. Today on the podcast, we go scavenging with Jay and Ryanne, as we discuss their way of life, and why they feel more free and empowered than ever before. Plus they’re having fun. As a bonus after a day of scavenging, celebrated international documentary maker MacDocMan comes over to ask questions about their way of life and well.. you’ll have to hear it to enjoy what happens from there.

End of Summer Update

An update as the summer comes to a close, including thoughts on my latest journeys to Hacker Camp, Russia, and back in Amsterdam.

Also an important announcement: a live podcast event this September 27th in Amsterdam!

CTRP480 From the Mountains in São Miguel, Azores

São Miguel, the main island of the breathtaking Azores has been my adventure this summer, traveling in circles around the island from the highest peaks to the sea and back again. It is a place of incomparable beauty and beyond that, a people who have such a good hearted caring soul you dare not ask a small question unless you’re ready for the extensive information and help they’re going to insist on giving you. While the world watches as society evolves in such a loving and open way in the US and such horrid events unfold in Tunisia, France, and Kuwait, here on the island things are as they have surely always been. Cows are grazing. Fish are jumping. Tourists taking pictures. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I recorded this podcast on one of our last nights in the Azores on a trip that has taught me a lot and inspired some future journeys in the effort to experience and learn even more.

CTRP479 It’s Nothing: A Conversation About Humanity

Over the past year (maybe more) my friend Yves has been on a journey of self discovery and observing human behavior. Each time he returns to Amsterdam we talk about his observations and attempts to change what is considered “normal everyday” communication. This time, we bring microphones to one of those conversations, in attempt to bring in you the audience to discuss people, communication, needs, and yes – the meaning of life. Never thought I’d write that as a podcast title :)