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January 16, 2010 Topics: , , ,

Presenting a new program from, The Citizen Reporter Weekly News Review, which aims to go over global news stories with the help of guests

June 16, 2006 Topics: , , , , ,

The semester is over, yet the fishtank spilleth over at work these days. A neverending wave of American and international students are here to participate

June 15, 2006 Topics:

I’m fiddling with new looks this morning. Shield your eyes. ***Update*** That went terribly wrong. Nevermind.

June 13, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , , , , ,

I may or may not have mentioned that I’m involved in the We All Speak Football initiative that brings together a boatload of bloggers/vloggers/podcasters to

June 12, 2006 Topics: ,

I thought after this weekend life might get care free and easygoing. It probably is, but I’m buried under last-minute editing work because I live

June 11, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

There are so many ironies and things that just make no sense in this world, obviously we’ve all noticed that at some point in observing

June 10, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

It’s the busiest weekend of the year for me. Which means, while I’d very much like to dig into the issue of Europe’s shameful collaboration

June 8, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

An imaginary terrorist was killed today. Check that. We are supposed to believe, because experts tell us, that an imaginary terrorist was killed in Iraq.

June 8, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

My family members are pretty avid readers of blog. At least as far as I know. I try never assume that they are or aren’t

June 6, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

Every year I get invited by a friend at the U of Amsterdam who teaches a class on media, to do a guest lecture about

June 2, 2006 Topics: ,

I was cruising down the Prinsengracht today, heading towards home, and wondering what had become of my dear friend Krizushka who last I heard, had

May 31, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

As many of ye blog readers know, yours truely was born and raised til his teen years in the ironbound section of the city of

May 27, 2006 Topics:

It’s Saturday night so nobody is reading this. Except you thousand+ subscribers, you’ll be reading this back at the office on monday.. hope the weekend

May 26, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

As I write these words, the internet’s most beloved Lesbian and former manager of the Grrl Band Goddess Riot Juice is flying over the atlantic

May 25, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

Cold Thursday nights in late-May Amsterdam are a goodtime for watching the LOST season finale and taking a stroll down memory lane. Back when I

May 19, 2006 Topics: , , , ,

“So who’s still around?” Brooke asked me, fresh off the plane from Berlin. Who is still around. Tricky question in most beloved European cities these

May 19, 2006 Topics:

Hello dear readers. As a result of a massive computer problem at the secret server location somewhere in the northwest of the United States,

May 17, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , , ,

Anyone who remembers the murder of the film director Theo Van Gogh is likely to remember the person who wrote the film that he would

May 15, 2006 Topics: ,

Rainy days ahead in Amsterdam. The Red August has been properly covered so hopefully nor rain nor empty beer bottles will find their way into

May 14, 2006 Topics: , , , , ,

It was designed to be an independent agency of the US government, to maintain standards in the areas of food, drugs, and cosmetics. But in

May 9, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

Anyone who watched the film The Constant Gardener is familiar with the theme of a pharmaceutical company pretending to give free vaccines in Africa while

May 8, 2006 Topics:

Ok I promise this won’t be an excessively frequent topic on the blog. At some point I may actually get completely tired of it and

May 6, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

Combination of lots of time on the boat and working on boat related creations involving wood and hammer, visitors from different parts of Northern Europe,

May 5, 2006 Topics: , , , , ,

The State Department’s annual terrorism report has been partially hidden away and kept from the public. Yet even the information they did release reveals some

May 4, 2006 Topics: , , , ,

Podcast will be recorder later this evening. Its 22 degrees C, sunny, and the entire city of Amsterdam is fleeing the office buildings and sprawling

May 1, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

In the public perception battle between hackers and the media, it is the hackers that have long been painted as criminals and dangers to society.

April 30, 2006 Topics:

Pffft…. after an entire day navigating the waters of Amsterdam on the craziest day of the year — queen’s day — there’s no way I’m

April 27, 2006 Topics:

With another graduation for international masters fish about to take place tomorrow, as I sat in the fishtank today there were a few old familiar

April 26, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

Atop any list of underreported nations in Europe, Hungary has handled huge changes over the past 15 years. Henrik of the Hungarian Accent blog joins

April 25, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

In honor of my favorite Portuguese holiday of the year: Also read my previous years’ entries.

April 23, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , , , ,

Ever since the dawn of the blog era, anytime someone commits a terrible crime and they are bloggers, there is always alot of attention given

April 22, 2006 Topics: , , , ,

The women of my life don’t get nearly the amount of blog attention they deserve. This could be due to the fact that since the

April 21, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

This boating thing could really make one forget about all the problems in the world. I smell complacency everytime I lie back and stare at

April 20, 2006 Topics: ,

Naturally I can not close the book on easter without putting out a vlog. This one features my family in Belgium; specifically my cousins, as

April 20, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , , ,

I’ve not yet read Truman Capote, but I’m going to. Like so many media consumers these days, I had to first see the recent movie

April 19, 2006 Topics: , , , , , ,

Only a month ago the international community was demanding and encouraging free and fair elections in Palestine. But then HAMAS was elected, ever since then

April 17, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , , , , , ,

On the Amsterdam to Brussels snail-rail train this morning, I couldn’t avoid hearing an American couple across the isle. Nice little couple, in their 50’s,

April 16, 2006 Topics: , , , , , , ,

Back in 2001 I was working at the Voice, and even then the writing was on the wall: business was booming, and the new media

April 14, 2006 Topics: , ,

Actually I can’t say anything just yet. So instead, I present to you a sketch of the future, provided all goes well. To help a

April 13, 2006 Topics: , , , , ,

I burst into the amsterdam vlogger meetup this evening and my opening statement was as follows: If you don’t want other nations to get nuclear

April 12, 2006 Topics: , , ,

Check out my doctor’s office! Not Impressed? It’s part of the former hospital that was squatted decades ago. Still not impressed? Well I am. See

April 11, 2006 Topics:

While experiencing one of the most dramatic falls from grace since his fathers unpopular post-gulf war presidency-gone-limp, GW Bush and his footsoldiers are now trying

April 10, 2006 Topics:

I can barely watch the carnage. The last few years have been bad enough. But now I cover my eyes everytime new articles pop into

April 8, 2006 Topics:

Discussions about publishing audio content on the internet always involve the fact that there is a global audience, a seemingly limitless reach so long as

April 7, 2006 Topics:

I was ringing ringing the artist formerly known as frisbee girl’s doorbell last night, as we were set to go catch “Me, You, and Everyone

April 5, 2006 Topics: , , ,

Actually I don’t know anything about Charles Taylor the Republican House Rep from North Carolina. I just found it fun that he shares a name

April 4, 2006 Topics: , ,

Lodged between India and China who perhaps steal the spotlight, Nepal continues to suffer as the King tries to keep a tight grip on citizen

April 1, 2006 Topics: ,

During a recent press conference when asked why he wanted to go to war so badly, GW Bush told Helen Thomas that no president wants

March 31, 2006 Topics:

For we of the four day work week, the weekend has arrived. Which is good cause its 2am and I’m exhausted from my various jobs

March 30, 2006 Topics:

It was more than a decade ago, March 24th 1989, when Exxon’s oil spilled into the Prince William Sound. Everyone remembers the images of the

March 27, 2006 Topics: , ,

Sometime during one’s primary and secondary education, for those of us lucky enough to have gotten both, we probably learn some things about poetry. It

March 26, 2006 Topics:

I could almost taste the rain that hadn’t yet started, as I rode towards home trying to somehow cycle faster than is humanly possible. The

March 25, 2006 Topics: , , , , ,

It becomes hard to tell what is really happening in Venezuela with all the conflicting reports coming from the United States government, US media, the

March 23, 2006 Topics: , , ,

B has been in Amsterdam this week, visiting from Paris. He’s been living in Paris for something like 5 years now, along with his fiancé.

March 21, 2006 Topics:

There’s lots of talk about how the Bush Admin’s policies are a distaster, and how the approval ratings are at an alltime low, and it

March 20, 2006 Topics:

Riding my bike past the zoo (artis) and towards the economics faculty of the U of Amsterdam, with visions of baklava in my head, I

March 19, 2006 Topics:

Inappropriate Brian works in the television biz, here’s how our conversation started today: Inappropriate Brian: so guess who was on the show… well u would

March 18, 2006 Topics:

South Dakota found its way into the news earlier this month with its ban on abortion. So what other states might follow? What are the

March 17, 2006 Topics: ,

Last night at the “little” Dutch Vlogger Meetup, I rehashed a topic that I began talking about during the bloggers in Amsterdam roundtable a few

March 15, 2006 Topics:

Only a few days after the death of Milosevic, I walked in to my favorite pizzeria in Lisbon to enjoy a meal and visit with

March 15, 2006 Topics: ,

I felt dumb walking around with a coat under my arm on the way to the airport in Lisbon this afternoon as it was a

March 13, 2006 Topics: , ,

One weekend of being nearly disconnected from the world and man oh man did alot happen in the world in the last 72 hours. I

March 11, 2006 Topics: ,

On the road in Portugal, currently tending to the family business – this is me in the car talking about whats going on in Portugal

March 11, 2006 Topics:

The public internet spot I’m sitting in claims to have wi-fi. What I’ve discovered is that it is one big tease…. 10 minutes of wi-fi

March 10, 2006 Topics: , ,

Greetings and good evening from Lisbon, Portugal. Capital of this funny little country my family hails from. People park on the sidewalk, dogs poop everywhere,

March 9, 2006 Topics: ,

Tick toc, tick toc, clocks are my enemy and in a matter of hours – poof, I’m off to Lisbon to see my people, my

March 8, 2006 Topics:

Following the interview a few weeks ago with GI Jane, GI Joan contacted me to express how she saw things as a national guard soldier

March 6, 2006 Topics:

I realize that many internauts still haven’t gotten into videoblogs. Some believe they take up to much time and too much of one’s attention. (both

March 5, 2006 Topics: ,

Once hailed by some as the economic miracle of west Africa, Ivory Coast has been in a tailspin of political instability, economic dowturn, and de-facto

March 3, 2006 Topics:

It has been quite some time since I last wrote about the cross-atlantic star of my family; the champion of potty training; the sultan of

March 2, 2006 Topics: ,

It’s interesting, comparing the present to the past. And I’d add, it is not done often enough. Let us start in the present, shall we;

March 1, 2006 Topics:

While much of Latin America has clearly turned to the political left in the last few years, Costa Rica continues to be a nation that

February 27, 2006 Topics:

I think things were going well, til I started talking instead of drinking and then I swear I saw tears well up in her eyes…..

February 26, 2006 Topics:

Washington DC based writer, political consultant, and blogger @, John Aravosis has been in Amsterdam for the past few days. During a recent walk

February 25, 2006 Topics: ,

…. that’s the crux of one of the conversations we the bloggers have been having over the past few days. John says whenever he goes

February 24, 2006 Topics:

You wouldn’t have to dig very far into my archives to find a story about how I enjoyed meeting another blogger or podcaster in person.

February 23, 2006 Topics: ,

With the recent announcement by the World Trade Organization which finds the Europe Union at fault for stopping Genetically Modified Food from entering its markets,

February 19, 2006 Topics: , , ,

In the town of Alang, in the state of Gujarat, India, the ship breaking industry once accounted for half of all the world’s ships that

February 18, 2006 Topics: ,

Despite the fact that its Saturday night and we all know people don’t read as many blogs on the weekend since you’re not pretending to

February 17, 2006 Topics:

Generally speaking, simply based on some odd experiences, I don’t trust police in Amsterdam. That’s a big generalization, I know. But it’s truth. Maybe it’s

February 16, 2006 Topics: ,

This is a very sloppy background into who Cheney was hunting with and what connections they have and the ethical questions involved. Also it’s an

February 15, 2006 Topics: ,

Like many of you, I have my podcast listening habits. They include probably about 30 podcasts that Im subscribed to, 4-5 of which are essential

February 12, 2006 Topics:

Tonight I am in a great deal of pain. It has nothing to do with snowboarding. Tonight I came home from a weekend of isolation

February 10, 2006 Topics: , , ,

Growing up in Berlin during Hitler, then moving to British controlled Palestine, witnessing the creation of the Israeli state, Hanna Braun talks about the underlying

February 9, 2006 Topics:

If you search the 2004 archives of this here blog, you’ll certainly come across the name Torontonienne, or as she would later be introduced into

February 7, 2006 Topics:

My tribute to Grampa Al Lewis, a man who made me more aware of the world around me. In this program I pick apart the

February 6, 2006 Topics: ,

It was January of 2000, and as I looked out the window of the plane, I could no longer see the Alps. For the past

February 4, 2006 Topics: ,

The co-producer and co-director of the documentary Still We Ride joins me to discuss the history of the critical mass movement and in particular, the

February 2, 2006 Topics: ,

It has been awhile since I last gave some credit to the great and dedicated comment leavers on this weblog. And naturally there are plenty

February 1, 2006 Topics:

A train wreck? Maybe. But its my 100th show and as an alternative to the state of the union address which says almost nothing year

January 29, 2006 Topics: ,

After another Portuguese-in-Amsterdam dinner last night, involving some of my favorite former Lisbonites turned Amsterdamers, I decided 1 in the morning was a goodtime to

January 28, 2006 Topics:

By now you’ve probably heard about or consulted wikipedia to seek information and answers to life’s questions. But what do you know about the collaborative

January 26, 2006 Topics:

My roomate glanced at the calendar and wished me a happy Australia day. And I went over to wiki-P and read about the fact that

January 25, 2006 Topics:

Part of living abroad for years and years is to not think about the past too much. Of course you have your good memories, but

January 24, 2006 Topics: ,

Jane is an American soldier who was supposed to be a civilian by now. Instead, with questionable body armor, little notice, and being legally blind,

January 23, 2006 Topics: , ,

My arms and legs are like dead weight, but I want to type out this story before anything else. The point is not only to

January 22, 2006 Topics:

Limited typing ability as my wrists are thoroughly bruised. As are my knees, elbows, chest, and basically everything that can be bruised when you repeatedly

January 20, 2006 Topics: ,

Canada’s biggest elections in a decade are days away. Many predict the conservatives will take control and push a very American-Republican type agenda. Others say

January 19, 2006 Topics: ,

I’m just gonna list a bunch of points tonight, because I’m generally annoyed with the story that everyone seems to just buy into about some

January 17, 2006 Topics: , , ,

Some European governments are talking about reforming national health systems. They don’t use the word privatization, but the old national health systems are certainly the

January 16, 2006 Topics:

Martin Luther King Jr. day has almost ended here in Amsterdam. Not that you hear anything about it on the streets, since it’s not a

January 15, 2006 Topics:

During the chilly ride from the bicyclemark ranch to crazy dr. m’s super delicious paella dinner, my dear roomate summarized the experience of living abroad

January 13, 2006 Topics: , ,

FIXED*Lots of people won’t want to hear the comparisons or the logic behind this program. This show presents the history and current state of 3

January 12, 2006 Topics:

As tonight’s podcast is still in the research process, this one is purely technical, but since you’re all reading this via the internetS, I recommend

January 10, 2006 Topics: , ,

I know I have a decent amout of readers who are diabetic. I also can think of one friend and blogger who is. Not to

January 9, 2006 Topics:

This program looks into not only what happened at the Sago coal mine in West Virginia, it examines and scrutinizes the record of International Coal

January 7, 2006 Topics: , ,

I guess I’m a small time internet celebrity. Maybe not. But in my daily life, it sure feels like it. things happen, people get in

January 5, 2006 Topics:

FIXED – I’m joined from Chilé by Brad from Willing, one of the most dynamic new videobloggers out there. We discuss the upcoming elections

January 4, 2006 Topics:

Now they’ve gone too far. Wikipedia deleted the entry about me as well as my blog and podcast. I’m extremely disappointed. This time it’s personal.

January 2, 2006 Topics: , ,

I always feel like I missed the bus when it comes to living in the era that best fits me. Old professors used to talk

December 31, 2005 Topics: , ,

While saying goodbye to 2005, I respond to a critique that what I do is not journalism. I also break down what podjournalism is about

December 29, 2005 Topics:

I didn’t think it was possible for Jetleg to get worse, but mine has. So naturally instead of trying to sleep, i spent time doing

December 28, 2005 Topics:

I cruise around the US capital with my buddy D-Rock behind the wheel and we discuss important and unimportant issues like two old creepy guys.

December 27, 2005 Topics: ,

24 hours from now I’ll be back to full on blogging about world affairs, injustice, and the occasional story of flying discs. (oh how I

December 25, 2005 Topics:

It is apparently still jesus’s birthday today, if you’re into western mythology as much as I am. And like so many families, mine too has

December 22, 2005 Topics:

Just arrived back from DC, and I have plenty to talk about, but zero time to spare. I actually have a work deadline for tomorrow

December 21, 2005 Topics:

Here I am in Philly.. or actually.. uploading this from DC.. either way.. its me this morning talking about how and perhaps why Philly is

December 19, 2005 Topics:

Growing up in New Jersey, you always hear about Atlantic City. Your town has buses that old people pile into and drive down to that

December 17, 2005 Topics: ,

Im somewhere in South Jersey hell. Where the only wi-fi I could find was in the parking lot of this helliday inn. On the drive

December 15, 2005 Topics: ,

I haven’t been talking about the meetings, the observations, and the thoughts, Ive been having since being back in New Jersey. Mostly because days melt

December 14, 2005 Topics:

I react to Tookie’s Death, play his final interview and other observations from outside San Quentin. Also New Jersey’s number one newspaper is in my

December 13, 2005 Topics:

Stare at this photo. Picture it… think about it… the lethal injection.. the solution so many Americans (and lots of people in other countries too!)

December 12, 2005 Topics:

Somehow I wrote this post and lost it, classic move when Im somehow still jetlagged and dosing at the keyboard. Place: St. Mark’s Ale House,

December 12, 2005 Topics:

Not even 8 hours after arriving, I’m driving around New Jersey and recapping how terrible air travel has become thanks to paranoia and irrational policies.

December 9, 2005 Topics:

KL 6 something something to Newark, leaving in 3 hours…. I love the smell of travel in the morning. Its time for one last bowl

December 8, 2005 Topics: ,

The first ever skype call to the continent of Africa on my show, we speak with Jesse the LoungeChicken, blogger and global citizen, about the

December 6, 2005 Topics:

Scuse me while I don’t blog about world affairs today: 4 more days and I’ll say to hell with all these little jobs I’ve taken

December 5, 2005 Topics:

Travel with me back in recent time: Saturday night and Toronto’s finest Chef in exile calls me, “Yo man, Stars at Paradiso tonight, I put

December 2, 2005 Topics: , ,

Radio Journalist and Blogger Peter Gentle joins me from Warsaw, to discuss the talk about CIA gulags and where these prisons might and might not

November 27, 2005 Topics:

You’ve heard a few things about Stanley Williams from a scattered few media sources, now hear more about the man and the case, the details

November 21, 2005 Topics:

Like many cities worldwide, once easy-going Amsterdam has gone the way of the police state. This show was inspired by the events you can watch

November 15, 2005 Topics:

World Famous dj, mashup artist, and podcaster Tim of Radio Clash joins me to discuss our right to podcast what we want and the conflicts

November 12, 2005 Topics: ,

OK not really. But I’ve been in the neighborhood in the past 24 hours and this podcast was recorded whilst walking around the suburbs. AudioCommunique

November 8, 2005 Topics: , ,

Join me and my guest Sophie as she shares how things look within France while the uprising continues across the country. Also BREAKING NEWS about

November 3, 2005 Topics:

Examining the forces behind the push for water privatization and the track record of one company that makes unbelievable profits and is made up of

October 30, 2005 Topics:

An interview with an excellent photojournalist, social scholar, and friend of mine who recently returned from working in the West Bank, where he interviewed children

October 29, 2005 Topics:

Instead of blabbing about how tired I am and speaking about Haloween in Amsterdam and frisbee. I’ll simply share images of my day. We lost

October 26, 2005 Topics:

That’s right. Read the title. Circumstances in my own life and all over the world have left me with little choice. Bicyclemark hereby declares a

October 25, 2005 Topics: ,

(REPOST Due to hurricane damage)Shirley Horn and Elvin Jones Remembered. While East Timor seems to have been forgotten. AudioCommunique #77(mp3)28min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+ Discussed: Shirley Horn

October 25, 2005 Topics: , ,

I’ve been thinking alot lately about work, unions, health insurance. Three terms that long ago, went hand in hand. Long, long ago. Before my time

October 24, 2005 Topics:

The non-stop Amsterdam autumn rain has arrived. Marking the beginning of human hybernational season; where the only thing we do in the daylight is go

October 22, 2005 Topics: , , , ,

Earlier this week I voiced doubt that the Syrian president was the underhanded tyrant the American government claims him to be. I believed, as I

October 21, 2005 Topics:

The Global Corruption Report, the inevitable distaster of bird-flu, and Marshall Law on its way to the USA? AudioCommunique #76(mp3)29min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+ Discussion Includes: Mentions

October 18, 2005 Topics: ,

I just wrote and lost a post about how the Syrian president is in no way the evil dude the white house tries to paint

October 17, 2005 Topics:

Whereas the internet is fertile ground for so much excellent alternative media and alternative styles of reporting on the world around us. I know that

October 16, 2005 Topics: ,

Robert Macnamara, in the documentary The Fog of War, points out from first hand experience exactly what the media and the public isn’t talking about

October 15, 2005 Topics:

My biggest method of knowing whats really going on in terms of television, is to download shows off bittorent. Bitorrent is the greatest thing to

October 14, 2005 Topics: , , ,

It has been a while since I’ve talked about space programs, especially those non-American ones. Some of you may recall that I’m a huge fan

October 13, 2005 Topics:

Riding my bike across Amsterdam discussing the Earthquake, feedback I got, and the inspectors who worked in Iraq. AudioCommunique #74(mp3)24min+, 80kbps, 13Mb+ Discussed in this

October 12, 2005 Topics: ,

I’m sleepy and I wrote fun things a year ago, so let me take you back to Oct. 12th 2004 – cue the music: I’ve

October 9, 2005 Topics:

This is part 2 in my miniseries on how Public Relations, inspired by theories of Freud and other social theorists, manipulate the public for the

October 9, 2005 Topics:

Yet another endearing Amsterdam factoid – you’re never more than 30 minutes from total nature. And by total nature I mean lush green fields, old

October 6, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #72(mp3)29min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+ Too much to mention, but the discussion involves : The documentary: Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis The Father of

October 5, 2005 Topics: ,

Since Ms Thingk told me to talk more about Amsterdam life, especially the personal details, this is going to be an exciting update to my

October 3, 2005 Topics: ,

Join the Mindcaster and myself as we sit in my garden and tackle cultural issues, especially relationships and civil unions in the Netherlands. (experimenting with

October 2, 2005 Topics:

Apparently the frisbee team is playing against Arnhem in a few hours, and I’ve agreed to fill in for some missing players. I’ve never been

September 30, 2005 Topics:

This post is about ex-pat life and the people who make up your life. Actually it doesn’t matter if you’re an expat, I’m sure where

September 29, 2005 Topics: ,

An important interview with a friend who just returned from the refugee camps on the border with Darfur, Sudan. AudioCommunique #70(mp3)27min+, 80kbps, 15Mb+ Subjects Include:

September 28, 2005 Topics: , , ,

There was one specific New Jersey summer, when I was 16, that I picked up a copy of “On Revolution” – selected writings of Ho

September 24, 2005 Topics:

Private armies are growing, worldwide. From Iraq to Afghanistan to the streets of the United States; this is an overview of who is who in

September 23, 2005 Topics:

The other night, as I finished editing the most recent podcast, which naturally keeps me up til 2am… for some strange reason I turned on

September 22, 2005 Topics:

Critically acclaimed podcaster Madge Weinstein during her fear and bloating in Amsterdam. AudioCommunique #68(mp3)28min+, 64kbps, 13Mb+ 2 Parts: A boat ride to the Jordaan Festival

September 18, 2005 Topics: , ,

Our wacky german neighbors are having elections. And I just love when it’s election time in the .de. Not only because I think it’s an

September 17, 2005 Topics:

Oil, Shell, Nigeria, and Struggle: The story of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the people of the Niger Delta. AudioCommunique #67(mp3)27min+, 64kbps, 13Mb+ In 1995 a Nigerian

September 17, 2005 Topics:

With all the issues of concern in the world, I haven’t spoken of the ‘dam lately…. A cold wind has blown in from the North

September 15, 2005 Topics:

I’ve got some world bank people reading this here blog, which is good, because there are no sacred cows here — it’s time to tear

September 13, 2005 Topics: ,

Remembering Sept. 11th and whats happenned since…. with D-Rock in DC.. AudioCommunique #66(mp3)32min+, 64kbps, 14Mb+ Although it might be cliché the way Sept. 11th is

September 13, 2005 Topics:

Please remember Victor Jara.. in the Santiago Stadium… Es Verdad? Those Washington Bullets Again.. As a teenager I used to (i still do actually) sing

September 11, 2005 Topics:

German Elections are fun; A discussion with two wonderful and intellegent humans… my election specialists. AudioCommunique #65(mp3)30min+, 64kbps, 14Mb+ My guests: Krizushka and Nicole Simon

September 10, 2005 Topics:

Since its Friday night/Saturday morning, and this town is bustling with partying people… I bring you — Comment Madness from this past week: Ectropy in

September 8, 2005 Topics: , , ,

As the evening became morning here in the Netherlands, I spoke with my dear Ms Thingk last night. One of my most favorite people in

September 7, 2005 Topics: ,

Now comes the wierd part. It has been a week and lots of people will say or think — I don’t want to deal with

September 6, 2005 Topics:

Labor and Life; This is my American labor day tribute to working people around the world. AudioCommunique #64(mp3)29min+, 64kbps, 14Mb+ Talking about: The concept of

September 5, 2005 Topics:

Sometimes.. though very rarely, I like to mention my activities in fantasy sports leagues. Some might consider this useless information, but I would suggest otherwise.

September 2, 2005 Topics: ,

Soon the comments on this blog will require peacekeepers or national guard troops to keep things from getting out of hand. Obviously I sparked some

September 1, 2005 Topics:

Poverty and Distasters – Whats the Connection? AudioCommunique #63(mp3)28min+, 64kbps, 13Mb+ Discussion includes: Shitty Media Behavior on the Bayou The Poor are always the victims

August 31, 2005 Topics: , ,

As the first days of September are upon us, I’ve been remembering this time last year, during the Beslan hostage crisis. Last night I watched

August 30, 2005 Topics:

What is it about Canadians? Stay with me here— I can’t resist the friendliness. The coolness. The relaxed; good-heartedness; so many of them bleed. Not

August 27, 2005 Topics:

Progressive Podcasts Review; What I listen to and why. AudioCommunique #62(mp3)30min+, 64kbps, 14Mb+ Public Radio Podcasts Discussed: Democracy Now Off the Hook Radio Open Source

August 27, 2005 Topics: , ,

I figure since the blog felt dead for 24 hours… I would tell about the circumstances in which this communique of mine was born: The

August 26, 2005 Topics:

Dear Readers, the site was down for 24 hours. During that 24 hours I was mentioned on Adam Curry’s Podfinder amongst other places. Meaning hundreds

August 25, 2005 Topics:

I don’t often go around pushing the films on all of you out there in blog reading land. But tonight I was unexpectedly left completely

August 24, 2005 Topics: ,

Almost Eaten by wild animals in the Ardennes forests; hear the sounds of wild streams and trees as I was in Belgium this past weekend.

August 23, 2005 Topics: , , , ,

You might think this is a repeat of my report about the raging fires in Portugal, earlier this month, but it’s not. The situation has

August 22, 2005 Topics:

(Download Fixed*) Live from Sail ’05 in Amsterdam, where the whole town goes nuts for ships and seamen. AudioCommunique #60(mp3) 29min, 64kbps, 13Mb+ Yes its

August 22, 2005 Topics: ,

The eyes are barely staying open. As you can tell by the lack of posts over the past 48 hours, I’ve done the rare thing

August 17, 2005 Topics: ,

Amsterdam On the spot report: Sail 2005 is going on just accross the street from the fishtank. For those who enjoy puns, their slogan is

August 17, 2005 Topics:

Gaza Withdrawal, the obsession with ratings, and a film recommendation. AudioCommunique #59(mp3) 26min, 64kbps, 12Mb+ I mentioned: Yeast Radio The film: Freedom Downtime Music

August 16, 2005 Topics: ,

Back in 2000-2001, while I finished up the royal bachelors degree in new jersey, I worked numerous odd jobs, including being a waiter for one

August 15, 2005 Topics:

Its Sunday and within a few weeks I shall be packing up the bicyclemark ranch and moving across town to the Old West. Where at

August 13, 2005 Topics:

Information is Power. Along my guest today – Dave Brightbill from, we discuss how the US government is trying to control and surpress access

August 11, 2005 Topics: , ,

Last night was my last night in Lisbon. For this vacation anyway. Like so many nights when I did live there, I took myself to

August 9, 2005 Topics: , ,

Winding down in Portugal; Issues to discuss before I leave tomorrow. AudioCommunique #57(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ I get into: A great email from Vancouver gets

August 8, 2005 Topics: ,

Wanna know why this blog is called the communique? I think I’ve never talked about it, much like I don’t spend much time explaining the

August 6, 2005 Topics: ,

Portugal is on fire, the sky is black, and Im uploading this from the mcdonalds parking lot where wi-fi aint cheap. AudioCommunique #56(mp3) 30min+, 64kbps,

August 6, 2005 Topics: , ,

Terrorism gets tons of attention as the big fear around the world. But here in Portugal, there is something that is much more dangerous and

August 5, 2005 Topics: ,

(written this morning but WIFI ran out before I could post it) Bout 5 minutes left on the WI-Fi. Podcast in the pipe, later tonight.

August 2, 2005 Topics: , ,

I would love to try and yell about John Bolton becoming nominated undemocratically as UN embassador to the US, but why bother, it goes with

August 1, 2005 Topics:

Nothing of world-wide substance has been discussed in the last week here at the communique. It’s no excuse, but thats what vacation adventure often brings.

July 31, 2005 Topics:

I was mugged while doing a soundseeing. Original audio was lost, but there’s a twist to this story, I followed them and well… listen to

July 30, 2005 Topics:

This is no joke. My ears are burning from the headlock the guy put me in. My ankle is sore from the other guy who

July 27, 2005 Topics:

Two things are scarce in the South of Portugal; Water and WiFi. AudioCommunique #54(mp3) 17min+, 64kbps, 9Mb+

July 26, 2005 Topics: ,

These hotel people can’t handle me. I sneak into there lobby and when they ask who I am… if they even ask.. I say I’m

July 23, 2005 Topics:

For your reading pleasure, I present a collection of great comments from this week on the communique: On my questionable opinion about the London bombings

July 22, 2005 Topics: ,

2 weeks. 15 days actually. Technically that’s 50% of the amount of vacation I’m allowed as a Europeeuhn. Yet being a migrant worker in Holland,

July 22, 2005 Topics: ,

2 weeks. 15 days actually. Technically that’s 50% of the amount of vacation I’m allowed as a Europeeuhn. Yet being a migrant worker in Holland,

July 21, 2005 Topics:

The Judgement: A message to burnt out podcasters, listener email talk, supreme court stupidity. AudioCommunique #53(mp3) 26min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ I refer to an article by

July 19, 2005 Topics:

Readers round these parts probably know that I consider myself a world citizen. And as such, the only organized government that I remotely believe in

July 18, 2005 Topics:

The reoccuring thought in my little brain, and the frequent topic of conversation with some old high school friends who happenned to be in town:

July 17, 2005 Topics:

Crusin the Canals with Amsterdam Bloggers AudioCommunique #52(mp3) 24min+, 64kbps, 11Mb+ Come along as BlondebutBright and the Mindcaster climb aboard, and we cruise the canals

July 14, 2005 Topics:

From Brussels with love; Uncle BM presents his Brussels slideshow. AudioCommunique #51(mp3) 26min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ To follow the photoshow, click here. I answer back to

July 12, 2005 Topics: , ,

The year was 2000, the season was spring, and the journey was from Marseille, France (my place of residence at the time) to Amsterdam, NL

July 11, 2005 Topics: ,

Greetings from THE Belgium my friends. Brussels, to be more specific. After going more than six months without seeing a family member in the flesh,

July 9, 2005 Topics:

50th Show! From London to DC with our Washington insider D-Rock AudioCommunique #50(mp3) 44min+, 64kbps, 20Mb+ (longer then normal, as it’s a special occasion) You’ll

July 7, 2005 Topics: , , ,

At the fishtank today, I sat down to lunch with mrs toronto’s greatest chef in exile. The man himself was doing his thing in the

July 6, 2005 Topics:

Hippies, Thugs, and Reporters: Tales from the Voice Part 3 AudioCommunique #49(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 12.1Mb+ Port Wine G8 Protest; Sounds from the streets Indymedia Always

July 4, 2005 Topics: , , , ,

750 is a hell of an anniversary. Thats my thought for today. I’ve not been to Kaliningrad – yet. But I will, this I promise.

July 2, 2005 Topics: ,

Minority Reports: Society’s fetish with categories, and breaking news from sweden. AudioCommunique #48(mp3) 27min+, 64kbps, 12.5Mb+ Live8 – Are these concerts really making a difference

July 1, 2005 Topics: ,

One of the reasons I left the united states had to do with debt. No – I didn’t owe any. No I wasn’t in trouble

June 30, 2005 Topics: ,

Much of the internet has been broken today. Funny how that can happen. Servers overloaded. Websites down. Feeds getting pounded. Hooray for chaos. As you

June 29, 2005 Topics: ,

AudioCommunique #47(mp3) 27min+, 64kbps, 12.5Mb+ This podcast is a call to audio-arms! Seize the air… stop worrying about being —-safe. I take a bite out

June 26, 2005 Topics:

I’m feeling that cabin fever. While the ‘dam is a wonderful place, and I still walk down the canals everyday loving the sounds and smells

June 25, 2005 Topics: ,

AudioCommunique #46(mp3) 23min+, 64kbps, 11Mb+ 1 #46 – Fly me to Senegal 2 Update on the squat. 3 Airbus, I was watching a cool documentary

June 24, 2005 Topics: , , ,

There was a time when I was always in the middle of it. The demonstrations, the political discussions, the cool mob-related scandles… THOSE were the

June 23, 2005 Topics:

Before I show you the glossy goodness that was wednesday ultimate frisbee practice, I must say happy blog birthday to two of my favorite all

June 22, 2005 Topics: , , ,

AudioCommunique #45(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ Notes: 1 AudioCommunique #45 – Dad Remembers Dictatorship 1.1 Today’s Show features my father’s experience immigrating from Portugal to the

June 20, 2005 Topics: ,

I went to grammar school (primary) in the lovely city of Newark, NJ. Not just any school, I went to a Polish Catholic school, since

June 19, 2005 Topics:

Thanks to the wonders of filesharing, I watch my Daily Show every evening over dinner. Well, I watch last night’s episode, but that doesn’t make

June 18, 2005 Topics: ,

AudioCommunique #44(mp3) 28min+, 64kbps, 13Mb+ I was at a party and people were talking about how the Afrika Squat was being raided and evicted. As

June 17, 2005 Topics: , ,

As much as I consider myself an informed brother , with all the whistles and bells coming out of my beloved powerbook, I admit to

June 16, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #43(mp3) 26min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ Don’t be fooled by all the positive olympic press, my LA expert talks about the reality of after-olympics life in

June 15, 2005 Topics:

My readership varies in terms of tech savvyness. Some of you are computer junkies. Some of you aren’t. Some of you have blue-tooth and wi-fi

June 13, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #42(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ A friend visiting Amsterdam who works in Iraq talks with me about: The El Dorado of the middle east, the

June 12, 2005 Topics:

It’s 3am, and I’ve just walked in from the final night with the fish tank alumni, who are loving their nostalgic activities. I’ve mentioned this

June 10, 2005 Topics:

The zero hour. Party over, out of time. Tomorrow begins… oh wait.. today, whenever I wake up, begins the fishtank reunion I’ve been planning for

June 8, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #41(mp3) 28min+, 64kbps, 13Mb+ MTV is messing with teenagers’ psyche, and Im fightin back!Show notes

June 6, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #40(mp3) 19min+, 64kbps, 9Mb+ Part 2 of my Tales from the Voice, oral history of my brief career.Show notes

June 4, 2005 Topics:

I don’t read many books. I blame the internet. I read hours and hours of blog posts every week. I read newspapers, work emails, and

June 3, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #39(mp3) 22min+, 64kbps, 10Mb+ Just some good old fashion randomness and Amsterdam Ferry babble. Show notes

June 2, 2005 Topics: , ,

Well.. the results are in… the Dutch said a big NO. Nee to the constitution. A few days ago I expressed my support for the

June 1, 2005 Topics: ,

Before I write another sentence, this is a disclaimer; while there may be no REAL rules on the communique, I have one demand on all

May 30, 2005 Topics: , , , ,

The word on the street in the Netherlands is EU consitution. Maybe where you live you haven’t heard, so I’ll briefly tell you about how

May 29, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #38(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 11Mb+ This show focuses on the third wave of Ska music that hit the NY/NJ area in the late nineties, and

May 28, 2005 Topics:

And now back to the irregular series, here on the communique, where I focus on two particular bloggers on my roll and explain why I

May 28, 2005 Topics: , ,

I never had much of a full time job in the states. It was more like lots of little ones that kept me running in

May 26, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #37(mp3) 26min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ I swear this isn’t a Star Wars obsessed episode. But the music might be. Plus I talk about Sirius radio,

May 25, 2005 Topics: ,

Two things on my mind this evening, which is basically toast from my new and improved job responsibilities at the fishtank. While it might mean

May 23, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #36(mp3) 26min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ * Editors Note: Still not sure why or how I messed it up, but Nicole Simon’s voice is different then

May 21, 2005 Topics:

Well it’s hard to blog tonight friends. I blame the parties… the goodbye shindigs, housewarming soirees… tis the season in Amsterdam. In a city of

May 20, 2005 Topics: ,

You know you live in an odd world when a film can be produced which has a message that reminds people of the corruption and

May 19, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #35(mp3) 22min+, 64kbps, 11Mb+ No not that George, another George. An intellegent and outspoken George. Show notes

May 18, 2005 Topics: ,

I’m doing the evening jog with my Team Kelme neon cycling shirt, and I’m heading in the direction of my beloved JavaEiland. I love the

May 16, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #34(mp3) 26min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ Armchair philosophy in this one; I consult blogger philosophers to ask the question that is brought up in the film

May 15, 2005 Topics:

Lately, through technical failure or conscious choice, I’ve been reminded of the fact that not everything is meant to be recorded in audio, text, video,

May 12, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #33(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ In this show I dig into NeoCons, journalists, and friends who come to Amsterdam but don’t call me.Show notes

May 11, 2005 Topics:

Did you feel your freedom threatened today? Did you reach for that ducktape you finally packed away last year? Did you flip on the worthless

May 10, 2005 Topics:

So during my workday I get to bike around town a bit, for lunch or for meetings with key people. Once again, the beauty of

May 9, 2005 Topics:

I try to keep my daily what I had for breakfast, how I biked to work, and how I smell off of this here blog.

May 8, 2005 Topics:

AudioCommunique #32(mp3) 25min+, 64kbps, 12Mb+ This shows all about Europa. Show notes

May 6, 2005 Topics: , ,

Its been over 2 years, but I still go back there. The rims are actually in worse shape then they were back then, as if

May 5, 2005 Topics:

The first ever production done on Logic. I really like Logic now. London’s own MusicalMike gave me a in-person tutorial. And madge helped me learn

May 3, 2005 Topics:

I had written this post and it was good, but Firefox on Mac is giving me troubles. I know! I didn’t believe either. Nevermind that,

May 1, 2005 Topics:

This was supposed to be a organized and passionate rant. Instead I fizzled out by the end of the day, started listening to lots of

April 30, 2005 Topics:

You’ll catch alot of posts out there about Queen’s day. Some writers will talk about the parties, some will talk about the craziness, and others

April 29, 2005 Topics: ,

I can smell the stench of old beer and urine already, it is Queen’s Night here in Amsterdam, the eve of one of the messiest,

April 28, 2005 Topics:

I have tons of catching up to do with podcasting, still lots more to share with you, and much to learn when it comes to

April 27, 2005 Topics:

Madge Weinstein: I got a vagina in the mail today. Madge Weinstein: Someone sent me a silicon vagina with lube bicyclemark: Really! scented? Madge Weinstein:

April 26, 2005 Topics: , ,

It’s a bit pathetic, yesterday was my most favorite holiday EVER, and I didn’t even notice. I didn’t flip open the Portuguese newspaper, I didn’t

April 24, 2005 Topics: ,

It’s good to get back to the ‘dam. If there’s ever any question as to whether or not I’m in love with this city, that

April 23, 2005 Topics:

Finally back in the ‘dam after the Swedish journey. This podcast was a huge pain to assemble, as Im fumbling with Garageband, Logic, and Audacity,

April 22, 2005 Topics:

Tired. Very Tired. Happy. Very Happy. I should have come to Sweden long ago. I feel fortunate to have travelled here and visited with such

April 21, 2005 Topics:

I’m not sure but I think this is how to email a post using blogger. Which is of course, down right now. Talk about one

April 20, 2005 Topics: , ,

Some of you seen me all live and fully clothed on the internets this afternoon. I talked a mighty talk bout podcasting, and I tried

April 19, 2005 Topics: ,

Remind me to tell you my plan for getting together a bunch of young kick-ass laywers to take all these low budget airlines like RyanAir

April 18, 2005 Topics:

Dear Blog readers, stop the presses! Tomorrow we’re heading to Sweden! YES – Scandinavia! By we- I mean you and I, with emphasis on the

April 17, 2005 Topics:

This moving to mac thing ain’t easy. This one is recorded on my old machine, going to take time for this padewan to become a

April 14, 2005 Topics:

This podcast is in Portuguese. But I hope you’ll give it a listen even if you don’t speak Porutugese. Listen to the sounds of a

April 14, 2005 Topics:

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

April 13, 2005 Topics:

Dear readers, romans, and internauts: Today I have decided to move hosts, from Hostica in California, to a cool top-secret host in NYC. What can

April 12, 2005 Topics: , , , , ,

Had a great first day as a podcast consultant for the magazine. Won’t say much more about it, cept that I thought alcohol flowed at

April 11, 2005 Topics:

One of my favorite co-workers saw me today and asked “Are you down in the fishtank today?” And as a reflex answer I said —

April 10, 2005 Topics:

This show has two parts: first – tales from the village voice, i tell stories about my time at the voice (intro today). second –

April 9, 2005 Topics: ,

A while back I said I would start a series about blogs in my blogroll and why I have them there. A type of explanation

April 7, 2005 Topics:

Hopefully there are some jazz lovers out there. This show is for you, but generally, for any music lovers. A little soundseeing and my repeatatively

April 6, 2005 Topics:

(I’m a journalist, I swear. This interview with xtX is important cause it deals with the issues of today) Bicyclemark: Im gonna ask you earth

April 5, 2005 Topics: ,

Sometimes, when I realize it has been awhile since I spent quality time with my love, I ride around town and take random pictures of

April 4, 2005 Topics: , , ,

(a none rhyming poem) Zimbabwe re-elected the president – again. mr. president says he wants to stay in power til he’s a hundred. powerful countries

April 3, 2005 Topics:

This podcast features a new coined term in the realm of pod-theory. It’s called podloneliness: when all the podcasters are busy with life, and you

April 2, 2005 Topics: ,

Sometimes on saturday I like blogging a family story. Tell you bout my parents and life in Newark when I was a kid. Or maybe

March 31, 2005 Topics:

This AC was recorded using my new audiotechnica lavalier mic. I’m trying not to hate it, but mono recording just LACKS something. I rant about

March 30, 2005 Topics:

As much as I love google mail, and it looks all manageable, I’ve never seen an email box so huge and I’m pretty sure emails

March 28, 2005 Topics: ,

Once upon a time.. the was a powerbook born in China, After his birth, he was shipped off by the fedex to America In America

March 27, 2005 Topics:

After a brief respite this week, HE HAS RISEN. No not your precious messiah, BM’s AC! I finally got the German phrase of the week

March 26, 2005 Topics: , ,

The Amsterdam family had the traditional Easter meal today. A day early, without colored eggs, and this year no joint was passed around. But the

March 25, 2005 Topics: ,

For those who may be wondering, my next podcast will arrive on sunday. I’ve held off this week for numerous reasons, including fighting off Pod

March 23, 2005 Topics:

Millions upon millions malnourished and hungry worldwide, and the american government and media are obsessed with someone and their fucking feeding tube. Today’s Sounds: Kings

March 22, 2005 Topics:

You figure after a super fun trip to a mac nerd conference with none other than DucSloerie and FashionSloerie of the Sloeriesource podcast, nothing could

March 20, 2005 Topics: , ,

In the spirit of changing things up, this is a special show about a vry personal journey; how and why I moved from New Jersey,

March 18, 2005 Topics:

Sometimes stuff feels unique to Amsterdam, but it isn’t. Sometimes you gotta work on fridays, even though you’re the part-time king, and the co-workers invite

March 17, 2005 Topics:

Listening to this show, it’s obvious I’ve gone Ray Charles crazy. But more importantly I get into some podcast phenomena such as PodFatigue and Podcasting

March 16, 2005 Topics:

I worked hard on this “offline”. Today’s Sounds: Decemberists – Picaresque

March 14, 2005 Topics: ,

Few things need to be discussed today, point by point sometimes helps. – Ayer, it was Radiohumper’s B-day! The great sierra, who pushes the blogosphere

March 13, 2005 Topics:

Got to thank PW Fenton for the audio recording tips. Which, while great, also led me to spend hours and hours on this show. On

March 12, 2005 Topics: ,

I’ve got new creative things coming this week for the blog. But as for today — Rumor has it, and statistics will show, that on

March 9, 2005 Topics:

Although many might not dig musicals, I love’em. Therefore I present a show all about my favorite ones. Plus some more recent tunes related to

March 8, 2005 Topics: , ,

No offence to anyone who visited me in the netherlands over the past 3 or so years, but the past 6 months have been some

March 7, 2005 Topics: ,

It seems I’ve gone back to being a nocturnal blogger, which is the only way I used to do it. It’s funny what you do

March 6, 2005 Topics: ,

The latrines and the cooking facilities at the bicyclemark ranch are all cleaned. I mention that cause I’m damn good at it… my mom taught

March 5, 2005 Topics: ,

This weekend’s show features a cozy dinner with Characochan visiting Amsterdam from California. It’s couscous night and we’re discussing Dutch cuisine, languages, and we do

March 4, 2005 Topics: ,

I’ve been racking my brains. For the past few nights… racking my brains. I thought if I watched Anti’s most excellent movieclip in a bank,

March 3, 2005 Topics: , ,

Well it’s late, and I’m on the wine tonight. Encouraged by a new, young, and beautiful Australian, who I can only imagine is reading this

March 2, 2005 Topics:

OK, still haven’t gotten France out of my system. Maybe after we go through my flickr photos, together! That’s right — Podcast Photoalbum Browsing, click

March 1, 2005 Topics: , ,

There’s no one right way to do a podcast. And all of us who are doing it, are no doubt changing and adjusting things as

February 28, 2005 Topics: ,

I could, of course, bla bla bla for days about my trip to Paris. But really I think the weekend post and podcast give you

February 27, 2005 Topics:

Dam its hard to find WIFI in Paris! Especially when you’re busy meeting with such wonderful people, eating fine food, and drinking the most heavenly

February 26, 2005 Topics: ,

I took a train… to a train… I started in PAris… and then I was in the middle of fields and dirt and ice.. and

February 25, 2005 Topics:

As you read this.. picture me in a van with a bunch of strangers, rambling in Dutch, en route to Paris. Then look at the

February 24, 2005 Topics: ,

If I lean over all the fake trees and treasure chests, and look out some of the fishtank windows, I can see NoComunicado giving a

February 23, 2005 Topics:

Never podcast in the middle of the day. Phones ring, computers beep, appointments almost missed. This one has a little rant from Adam Curry, Q

February 22, 2005 Topics: , , , ,

Before getting to today’s business, I got a lil announcement: I’ll be podcasting from none other then Pars, France this weekend! Yes… thanks to

February 21, 2005 Topics: , ,

Lots of bloggers were inspired by him. Not enough journalists were. Lots of pieces will be written about what he meant to them and how

February 20, 2005 Topics:

I finally learned to just go to sleep and finish the show in the morning. This show starts with my new segment “Question the Answers”

February 19, 2005 Topics:

Maybe in all my recent fame, I got sloppy. Maybe I’m just secretly a really awful person and I blog to look nicer then I

February 18, 2005 Topics:

This blog isn’t about describing what I ate for breakfast, or every little thing I did today. HOWEVER, when I feel like it, I share

February 16, 2005 Topics:

I had a mobile phone pow-wow with crazy Dr. M today, and he and his houseboat are likely to be involved in my next podcast.

February 16, 2005 Topics:

Come along as I get into the cool v-day podcasts from this week. Lots of namedropping in this one, I feel like such a kissass,

February 15, 2005 Topics:

Ms. Thingk, who I once referred to as Kirsten Dunst’s twin, sends me emails. Lots of yummy delicious emails. I eat them for breakfast, sometimes

February 13, 2005 Topics:

If there could be such a thing as too many soundseeing tours, I will probably be accused of that soon. But fear not… starting next

February 12, 2005 Topics:

I have but one thing to post today, because the lovely Underabell Anne is here in Amsterdam and there are drinks to be had, dinners

February 11, 2005 Topics: ,

If I were a recently released, after 3 years of detainment, Australian Guantanamo prisoner, here what I would do: -Go home and smother my wife

February 10, 2005 Topics:

People blog for so many reasons… we’ve all heard them: to air their frustrations, to improve their writing, to be themselves or NOT themselves, to

February 9, 2005 Topics: ,

When I’m not in the fishtank, my job involves sittin pretty in an office-type atmosphere. I love being up there because unlike in the fishtank,

February 9, 2005 Topics:

If I was able to steer BigJim’s boat home tonight, I could certainly make this podcast. I suspect I talk too much, so I’ve chosen

February 8, 2005 Topics:

I love getting home at 1am and changing the date and time of my blog so that it still takes place yesterday. Apparently I’ve got

February 7, 2005 Topics: ,

As if having hundreds of people around the world reading or listening to what you have to share wasn’t enough of an honor. Or the

February 6, 2005 Topics:

3am is a nice hour to finish a podcast. This following a night of Red Light District Soundseeing. No energy left, so nothing left to

February 5, 2005 Topics:

Amsterdam life brings weeks like this. Weeks where some of your favorite people and closest friends sail away from unknown periods of time, to go

February 4, 2005 Topics: ,

Do you feel my blog has been stale this week? I do. It’s always a matter of opinion of course, sometimes I write shit I

February 3, 2005 Topics: , ,

Giving another speech tomorrow, to some new fish, hope I manage to say something funny. I know I have a good job when it’s 4h30

February 2, 2005 Topics: ,

I don’t like the pope. Hate might be a strong word, but that geezer must be dam selfish. Maybe it isn’t his choice. Maybe his

February 2, 2005 Topics:

Just in from the pub where Inappropriate Brian is enjoying his final nights in Amsterdam. Bit disorganized, but I covered all the bases. Red Light

February 1, 2005 Topics:

Finally sat down and watched the motorcycle diaries. This won’t be much of a movie review, because I wanted to love it so much that

January 30, 2005 Topics:

Well… this one is no where as exciting as the market last week. Vondelpark is one of Amsterdam’s most popular parks. Quite cold and grey

January 28, 2005 Topics: , ,

On the eve of a soundseeing tour of world infamous Vondelpark, a little podcasting from the bicyclemark ranch. I’m getting comfy with using Adobe Audition,

January 26, 2005 Topics:

This one was some heavy editing but some fun times. Got a little condenser mic so me and B could just sit around and chat,

January 23, 2005 Topics:

Well this one was fun. I loved walking around the market with a earpiece/fast-food mic on my head… I felt like madonna only more bundled

January 20, 2005 Topics:

This one was less of a bitch then the last, plus I’m rockin an 8 euro headset mic like my name’s madonna. Includes: Bandits of

January 19, 2005 Topics:

Candoleeza Rice is a Robot Candoleeza Rice is a Robot She talks like a robot, and gets oiled every night, Candoleeza Rice is a Robot

January 16, 2005 Topics:

Some would say I wasted my sunday afternoon editing, splicing, and mixing…. and then I started working on my podcast. (studio audience laughs)I’m going to

January 12, 2005 Topics:

I had THE STARS blasting on my landlord’s stereo system gizmo, the homemade pizza with extra fresh pepper and eggplant was in the oven, standing

January 11, 2005 Topics: ,

I was told yesterday by my darling in Portland that my brainpan is full. Not quite full… but definitely spilling everywhere. I was going on

January 10, 2005 Topics: ,

Before I could even start writing this thinger tonight, 54 came on Dutch public television. You know.. the one with Mike Meyers. I had never

January 9, 2005 Topics: ,

So it’s sunday… and that’s podcasting day on the communiqu, as you well know. But before I get to that, I just got one of

January 8, 2005 Topics: ,

What? You heeeeard? Turn my headphones up! I’m back in Amsterdamage baby, and got back into the swing of things today. Saturday things that is.

January 7, 2005 Topics: , ,

I smell. I’m hungry. I can’t keep my eyes opened. Some random dude has been crashing at the Spaniard’s place next door, and he obviously

January 6, 2005 Topics:

My nephew A-Ren is in charge of packing my bags, as I’m off to the ‘dam via Lisbon in a few hours. He’s taking extra

January 4, 2005 Topics: , ,

Human memory is an amazing thing. I attended a wake this evening for an old friend. By old friend, I mean someone I knew throughout

January 3, 2005 Topics:

I have THE cutest photos of A-Ren… too many to post.. too many to look at, as the cute gland in your occipital lobe will

January 2, 2005 Topics:

January 1, 2005 Topics: , ,

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve spent the last 4 new years eves in the most random of spots, and often feeling completely alien and out

December 30, 2004 Topics:

I’ve been glued to NPR radio, and oddly enough- the only channel my parents get at the cabana: NJN – Public broadcasting. Still trying to

December 28, 2004 Topics: , , ,

When I left New Jersey in 2001, it was immediately following Sept. 11th. I mention this because being back, I do remember it often. Usually

December 27, 2004 Topics:

It’s a strange thing to see how the place where you were raised has changed. Especially when it comes to the actual house. For those

December 26, 2004 Topics:

December 26, 2004 Topics: ,

One of the wackiest things about going home to be with your family during the festivuses is the things that we do around the house.

December 25, 2004 Topics: , ,

Like myself, I hope you all got something you wanted this festivus. I was pretty much satisfied meeting my 7 month old nephew, A-Ren, for

December 24, 2004 Topics:

The front door just opened…. Im about to see my nephew…

December 23, 2004 Topics:

I’m jetlagged, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking of my baby… Ms.Thingk, who today left Amsterdam forever. In doing so, she leaves my daily

December 23, 2004 Topics: ,

I landed smack dab on Newark today. Place of my birth. Land of hundreds of thousands of Portuguese, and their somewhat American offspring. Dad was

December 21, 2004 Topics: , , ,

Being the good Samaritan that I am I traded my window seat to the mom who wanted to sit next to her cute little girl.

December 20, 2004 Topics: ,

I tend to put my suitcase next to my closet two days before travel. The idea is somehow it will pack itself. While I sleep

December 17, 2004 Topics: , ,

Sylkk, another great blogger in black, gmailed me to ask about where I get my mat, and why hers might be tasting bad. I felt

December 16, 2004 Topics: ,

It has been talked about on other blogs and it’s true to some extent: I am surrounded by wonderful women in my life, both online

December 15, 2004 Topics: , ,

The communiqu presents: a slightly edited version of an interview with my buddy JP who resides in Lisbon, Portugal, and can out curse a sailor

December 14, 2004 Topics:

Other bloggers, especially the experienced ones who, for example, appear on television on some show that will never air in Europa, say don’t blog about

December 13, 2004 Topics: , , ,

December seems like a month where, besides celebrating a whole lot of birthdays, we also pause and remember some of the worst atrocities the earth

December 12, 2004 Topics:

October 26, 2004 Topics:

Bicyclemark, let’s go to Prague!, she said. I didn’t have to think, I said – OK let’s do it. Then I remembered how much I

October 25, 2004 Topics: ,

I’m going to need a Bosnian to Spanish translator in order to communicate with a majority of my fantasy basketball players. Thankfully I’m fluent in

October 24, 2004 Topics: , ,

First thing I asked my mom when she called me from NJ yesterday, “Describe to me what my father is doing right now.” She laughed

October 23, 2004 Topics: , ,

I was speaking with a slightly Drunken Dutchman and a Spaniard last night, enjoying the conversation about the tiny Russian exclave Kaliningrad, when Crazy Dr.

October 22, 2004 Topics: , ,

Everyone else had already boarded the rather large and spacious boat, the engine was running, and the beer/wine was securely stowed. The Torontonienne was attempting

October 20, 2004 Topics:

As much as I can complain about being a part-time human at the U of A, I sometimes forget that there are perks to workin

October 19, 2004 Topics: , , ,

I’ve been meaning to talk about the CIA documents on China which have been released, what the Dalai Lama said, and the evolving situation in

October 18, 2004 Topics: , , ,

As I mentioned last week, sometimes bloggers go silent or missing. Often times they are amongst my favorites. This morning I found myself reading about

October 17, 2004 Topics: ,

You ever wake up and feel unfunny? No? Well that’s what happened to me this morning. I have this cloud over me, an unfunny cloud.

October 16, 2004 Topics: , ,

Althought the name bicyclemark gave me, the Torontonienne, is not a misnomer (I lived in Toronto for the past 7 years, and it is a

October 15, 2004 Topics: ,

Gather ’round fellow world citizens, because today’s installment of this ol’ park is choc full of history and adventure. OK, maybe just history and some

October 14, 2004 Topics: , ,

Sometimes Drock writes me emails that are works of art… modern art… pop art. So without further adue… another one from the D-Rock files: Bicyclemark

October 13, 2004 Topics: , ,

PLEASE NOTE DEAR READERS: As of this morning, Dec. 1st (9 days to my birthday) my blog is stuck in a timewarp, while some technical

October 12, 2004 Topics: ,

I’ve appointed a personal independent counsel to observe hairline security. I suspect there is serious receding going on, but I’m reluctant to declare the onset

October 11, 2004 Topics: ,

Kal-El, son of Jor-El has died. This is not the first time either. But don’t worry, because the internet and wikipedia will ensure that Krypton

October 9, 2004 Topics:

As I sit working on this blog post I here this constant shouting “stroke… stroke… stroke.” No it’s not Dick Cheney shouting for help, it’s

October 8, 2004 Topics: ,

Welcome blogfriends, to the first edition of my new friday segment, THIS OL PARK, where bicyclemark reviews an Amsterdam park for a good hour or

October 7, 2004 Topics: ,

Whatever I intended to write about today has been completely preempted by one small click to XM Radio, where I found the first broadcast of

October 6, 2004 Topics: , ,

The basic elements of a good breakfast in my world: Special K, Organic Soymilk, and banana. This morning I added one extremely unhealthy ingredient: the

October 5, 2004 Topics:

As I was finishing up my work yesterday afternoon, a get a last minute invite to join two of the most prolific minds in Amsterdam,

October 4, 2004 Topics: , ,

I was engrossed in BitchPhD’s extended post on parenting this morning. While I have no children (that I know of) I am very interested in

October 3, 2004 Topics: , ,

Often when you least expect it, one of those crazy Amsterdam nights sneaks up on you. They take many different forms and shapes, they can

October 2, 2004 Topics: , , ,

Lately it’s around 3am that the Jogging King and I meet for our kitchen meetings. We’re like the white house staff, making sandwiches and discussing

October 1, 2004 Topics: , ,

Lets get this debate shit out of the way, because I thought I wouldn’t talk about it, but in the end, I’ve listened to hours

September 30, 2004 Topics: ,

Happy Birthday to you…. Happy Birthday to you… Happy BIIIIIrthday dear Fender Stratocaster… Yes.. the strat is turning 50 years young, and I’m listening to

September 29, 2004 Topics:

I believe it was an early summer afternoon, and me being the part-time king, I had just finished up a cool slice of watermelon and

September 28, 2004 Topics:

Normally a Sunday morning wake-up call is not something to look forward to. But this past weekend I was most pleased with the digital voice

September 27, 2004 Topics: , ,

My brother, the man behind Foggy Recollection, send me a mpeg video of A-Ren being fed. Like any loving and far away uncle, I was

September 26, 2004 Topics: ,

It was inevitable, the communiqu is going DAILY! Yes it’s true. I’m tired of fighting the urge.. everyday I feel the need to blog, so

September 25, 2004 Topics: , , ,

It feels like months since I blogged at 2am. Still kicking around the idea of going daily. One blog per day. It’s really tempting. I

September 23, 2004 Topics:

One of my emails yesterday was simply this sentence: plantage middenlaan and kerklaan, koosje at 21h30. see you then. i have brown hair. I wandered

September 21, 2004 Topics: , , , ,

Part of the reason I am such an avid blog reader is simply the fantastic quality of writers presently populating the blogosphere. Some being extremely

September 19, 2004 Topics: , ,

I’ve been on a blog-reading/discovering RAMPAGE this weekend. In between cleaning, seeing some apartment way out west, having a drink with a friend visiting from

September 17, 2004 Topics: , , ,

Sure enough as I’m having a drink with a good friend last night, during stop one of thursday involuntary pub crawl night, she utters the

September 15, 2004 Topics: , , ,

Finally caught up with Blonde But Busy yesterday for lunch. I showed her latai, and she treated, as part my two-lunch tour of Amsterdamage. Everything

September 13, 2004 Topics: ,

Word gets around that I’m a blogger. Either that or I talk too much. Probably both. At a recent birthday festivus for the restofus, a

September 7, 2004 Topics: , ,

Well, I’m scrapping my theme idea, because I have way too much to talk about after yesterday’s activities. Three major events took place in my

September 5, 2004 Topics: ,

It is the eve of my bigass speech at one of the biggest Universiteit van Amsterdam events of the year. I just noticed my name

September 3, 2004 Topics: , , ,

It seems as though Blonde But Buttery and I have these semi-daily chats where we conduct the blogosphere round-up. This whole week we’ve been working

September 1, 2004 Topics: , ,

Officially moved in and back with my ADSL connection, hence redecorating and all kinds of changes in the near future. Let me know if the

August 30, 2004 Topics: ,

Somewhere on the net… you knew there had to be a blog called McBlog, altogether it doesn’t look that interesting. What is interesting is that

August 28, 2004 Topics: , ,

As soon as the reports came out, I decided it was my responsibility as a blogger, a slash-American, and a human on this earth, to

August 24, 2004 Topics: ,

Any day now an academic gold nugget is going to fly out of my brain relating to blogs, personal publishing, and power-relations. That nugget will

August 22, 2004 Topics:

-The Loud Mouth American Guy.- Thats the role I’ve been casted for. Two of the loveliest and craziest Aussie girls I’ve ever known are making

August 20, 2004 Topics: ,

Pondering big changes starting in September, beyond eating more ice-cream. I’m thinking of becoming a daily blogger, so I asked D-Rock if I should. His

August 18, 2004 Topics:

Apparently there are no more tickets left to see David Sedaris speak here in Amsterdam at the end of September. Also I hear the dress

August 16, 2004 Topics: , , , ,

I grew up in New Jersey, and I was a teenager in the days of all the TEAM USA Basketball hype. Perhaps some of you

August 14, 2004 Topics:

Je crois que j’ai jamais commenc un blog en Franais. Donc voila, la premiere foi, mme si vous ne comprenez pas. – Hugh inspired me

August 12, 2004 Topics: ,

One quick photo sample of my vacation time More are available, as I put them up on my photoblog. (Yes I have a photoblog!) I

August 10, 2004 Topics:

First things first, I’m back in the driver seat of my bloggy, and I’d like to say thanks to my brother for being an interesting

August 10, 2004 Topics: ,

” There is no such thing as right and wrong, there’ s just popular opinion.” – Twelve Monkeys I’ld like to make a short observation

August 7, 2004 Topics:

“Just don’t forget our deal, Lois. I sit through this and later tonight I get anal. You hear me? No matter how neat I want

August 6, 2004 Topics: , , , ,

Dripping… dripping sweat.. what a brilliant idea to make Lisbon bus-stops out of 100% clear glass. You’re waiting for the bus because it provides cooler

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