Leanne Kubicz: The Kansas City Covid Story

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Leanne Kubicz: The Kansas City Covid Story

During this time of Corona around the world, there are some stories you hear over and over; political manoeuvring, some scientific explanations, the occasional story about a medical worker in a well known metropolitan area. Then there are the stories you will rarely hear: about cities with less than 1 million people, about professions like librarians – who play an essential role in daily American society during non pandemic times. Today on the podcast we hear from my good friend Leanne Kubicz in Kansas City, Missouri; about her work as a librarian and what happens to her city and members of her community when a pandemic comes to town.

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  1. ReplyJohn
    It's so good to hear a positive voice from the US, more even from the heartland. I liked the nuanced differentiation of local western cultures; much of that gets lost when only looking at news on the national level. Best withes!

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