Jay Dedman: Rural America in Pandemic Times

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Jay Dedman: Rural America in Pandemic Times

Jay Dedman joins me on the podcast today from his home in Western Virginia, where land is plentiful and incomes are on average a bit lower than in the big city. What is happening in rural America during this global emegency, what does he see and what can we decipher when comparing countries, cities, counties, leaders, culture… any and all of it. Also zombies.

Flashback to Jay, Ryanne and I at the biggest flea market in Amsterdam

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    Relax... You mother has not been with people for a week... She waks everyday but she maintains 6 feet distance and she goes to the pool and exercises 6 feet apart and that colorine kills any virus... Does not mean I don't have.... Just means I am home most of the time... Love you!

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