Christopher Lydon: What 2019 Tells Us About 2020

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Christopher Lydon: What 2019 Tells Us About 2020

Somehow the end of a year (and a decade this time) doesn’t feel right if I don’t find myself at the dinner table in Boston sitting across from Christopher Lydon. The voice of the world’s first podcast, he’s been my north star ever since I started this thing long before itunes had podcasts or NPR knew what to do with the internet. As luck- or perhaps fate– would have it, Chris and I have become close friends over the years and the annual “where are we, what happened, where are we going” podcast conversation are among my most favorite rituals. (right after oatmeal, working on an episode of ROS with Mary and the team, and a historical walk around a neighborhood of Boston).
This year we can’t help but talk about the socio-policial state of the world, as well as the environmental crisis we continue to march towards. Then there’s music, books, conversations that have been important to us which may shed some light on why all this is happening and what there is to appreciate or condemn when all is said and done. Lastly, as good friends surely will, we take time to appreciate one another, as we both arrive at landmark decades when it comes to age and wisdom.
Listen in and stay for the whole ride for what is an honest and heartfelt conversation… to end one year and welcome in another.

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  1. ReplyDan
    I really enjoyed your dialogue! It is so far beyond of what you normally hear that I am even questioning if it emanates from the same species. The one thing that is conspicuously missing is a comment on Europe(apart from the sidenotes on Boris and Orban). Are we just so unimportant, uninspiring or just plain boring that we don't deserve to be mentioned as a force in the upcoming decade?!
  2. Replybicyclemark
    Hey Dan.. I suppose that would have been my responsibility as Chris doesn't live or generally work in the European context.. ROS has always been more of a "American conversation" program and these end of the year talks typically focus on what chris and ROS have been looking at. So I should have brought the Europe side in but I just didn't.
  3. ReplyDan
    It was less meant as a criticism of you than as a genuine question. How important is Europe? At least as an innovative or inspirational force it seems to be in decline, so perhaps it is not an accident that you didn't feel the need to mention it much.
    • Replybicyclemark
      Gotcha. I think its neither in decline nor on the rise... it just kind of treads water, runs in place... some forces pull it in one direction.. other forces try to pull it in another. Although I think the forces that are all about money/privatisation of everything have been winning for over a decade now. Say nothing of the "close ourselves off from the world" type logic that has been winning in politics. On the bright side, we have a lot of cool people who don't their days hating and resenting too, so there's hope.

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