CTRP471 Learning Russia from the Inside

CTRP471 Learning Russia from the Inside
avatar Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Location: Moscow, Russia
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avatar Victor
Location: Moscow, Russia

14444374047_de5f3c0fdf_mNot since the cold war has the world needed to take a time-out from political posturing and the information game to get beyond the gate keepers and speak directly with the people referred to as “Russia”.  Not unlike 25 years ago, we in the west are once again talking about a people as if they cannot be spoken with and do not have a wide range of opinions and values. Over in Russia, similar is happening with what the media refer to as “the west”.

Enter the power of the podcast:

On today’s program I am coming to you from Moscow, the heart of the nation that so many are talking about these days with angry and confused tones. But this is not about Ukraine or Putin. This is about the city, life, culture, changes, and other developments that remind us of the wealth of things we citizens of planet earth have in common. Today we speak with my friend Victor, an resident and keen observer of this country and its culture, to hear what he sees and has seen.

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  • July 26, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    o que sera da Copa de 2018 com este incidente na Ucrania

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