Announcing: The Dubai Taxi Driver Project

This past Friday marked the launch of a campaign to fund my next multimedia project, “The Dubai Taxi Driver.”  In the tradition of the great Tony Schwartz, the master of sound who recorded so many wonderful stories from New York City in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, my journey will be to Dubai, to speak with a group of people that have long fascinated and inspired me with their stories and life experiences. My task will be to sit in the front seat and record the stories, wisdom, and observations of this special group of people who drive the taxi’s of this world renowned metropolis.

Like special series and journeys that I have previously been able to share with you, this one needs your direct involvement. My brand of media is non-commercial and always personal, as is this project.  And if you like what you’ve heard in the past, or if this idea sounds interesting and you’d like to know more, click on the kickstarter link.


The Dubai Taxi Driver Kickstarter Page

Tony Shwartz’s Audio Collection

  1. I grew up in UAE Dubai and left when I was 15 to go back to Kenya. I went back in 1998 and worked there for a year before going to Germany and finally ending up in The Netherlands. The countless times I have taken taxis to travel between Sharjah nd Dubai, is just amazing. At that time most of the taxi drivers were of Pakistani origin, some of them Patanis as they are called over ther ( so they are probably Afghanian).

    My cousins didnt take the bus to school, we had this taxi driver come pick em up every morning. That is one of the most vivid memories of my childhood, the taxi guy who always smiled and seemed cheerful.

    I also remember the messy world of taxi sharing. I remember this time when I was about 12 and shared a taxi to Dubai with some Pakistani men. One of them started stroking my lap and had an enormous hard-on. I had to stop the taxi driver somewhere near AL Shabab football Club and take another taxi cause I was shocked.

    Crazy yo. Its been fifteen years since Ive been in Dubai, great to have someone like you making a doccumentary about the people without voices over there. I’m gonna share your campign as much as I can to help you with your project.

    Alwi Suleiman

    • Alwi thank you so much for leaving a comment and sharing such crazy memories. I hope to do a good job and capture some of this though i may not have stories like that!!