Lizz Winstead: Political Windsurfing While Droning Your Neighbor

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LizzWinsteadYou can’t windsurf, because that would be elitist. But, if you’re the American president, you can drive around your ranch in a golf cart shooting guns, because people can relate to that.  As comedian and writer Lizz Winstead explains it, sometimes there is no debate possible if we don’t agree on fundamental and proven facts.  Over the past few months Lizz has been promoting her book “Lizz Free or Die” and travelling around the United States to see what people are doing and what they think about politics or life in general. Having written for several memorable television programs which includes having co-created The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Lizz can tell you thing or two about what is good and what is bad about politics and media in the United States.

By chance, I ran into her at a conference in Sweden earlier this month and spent a few afternoons having excellent discussions, such as this one featured in today’s podcast.

6 thoughts on “Lizz Winstead: Political Windsurfing While Droning Your Neighbor

  1. As always, love the content. But on behalf of Jonathans everywhere, it’s Jon Stewart. Also, why the Nader hate? To this day, Ralph is quite possibly the only presidential candidate with both intelligence AND dignity.

    1. Howdy SM– fixed the Jon, thank you for that. Yes the Nader hate. I didn’t react in the moment cause I enjoyed listening to Lizz’s point. But yeah.. I voted Nader and I would do it again (if the year was 2000) because he was the candidate that best represented me. Its that simple for me. Or it was anyway.

    1. Hey! That— that– is a huge compliment. Especially coming from a wise podcast mind like yours. glad to have you listening!

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