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Ambulante Photo by Joy Till on flickr

Annie Correal knows all about the nature of the news reporting business and the internet of news feeds and hypersharing. But she also knows a world where people take time to tell their stories and listen to one another. The online world of reading, writing and recording where taking time and moving perhaps a little more slowly, is well worth the wait. Her work with both Cowbird and Radio Ambulante reveals two such places where people from all walks of life are coming together, and sharing life in a very significant way.

Today on the podcast I get to know Annie Correal, and ask her questions about how she got started as a journalist to how and why these two special projects became part of her life. Join us for what I believe is a very important and enjoyable conversation. Then go tell stories of your own!

6 thoughts on “ctrp413 Stories for Those Who Love Storytelling

  1. Absolutely interesting and deep interview, I really appreciated your work, and the whole mood of your website. Definetely web 3.0, and so human at the same time ;). I will follow you, thanks again.

  2. This conversation reminds me of how much I enjoy podcasting and audio. Annie’s comment that audio reporting has transitioned to the internet more smoothly than print journalism is so true. But I ask myself why do none of my friends listen to podcasts. Frustrating!

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