Madge, Live in Paris

by bicyclemark

MAdgeMadge Weinstein is an internet celebrity, a culinary pioneer, and an extremely irritable elderly lesbian. Beyond all that, she is an inspiration to several generations of children around the world.  After surviving many tragedies, including 3 Bush presidential terms and the current socio-political disaster that has gripped the United States, this podcasting diva has moved her life to Paris where she is sharing her talents with the people of France who already hate her.

A long time friend of, we went to visit her in her tiny Parisienne home where the water had suddenly been cut off.  There we had the chance to ask her about her decision to leave the United States, the political and social reifications of that move, and her interest in the global occupy movement.  The discussion spontaneously evolves into topics like dominance of mainstream media, the human centipede 2, and yeast.

Listen to Madge’s legendary Podcast: Yeast Radio