ctrp307 The West Papua Struggle

The struggle of West Papua is many decades old, going all the way back to the colonial era. Recently the Indonesian Military police began another in a long running tradition of terror campaigns, as they burn down homes, round up or kill anyone suspected of being part of the independence movement or opposition groups. As the reports came over the past week I decided to get in touch with those in the know about what is happening in West Papua and equally as important WHY this is happening.

My guests include Benny Wenda, West Papuan Independence Activist in exile in the UK
Octo Mote, Journalist and Researcher exiled to the United States
Joe Collins, of the Australia West Papuan Association, Sydney.

All music in this episode is by Laurent Rochelle, who’s permission I did not ask but who’s work I respect and recommend. You can find him on archive.org

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