Weekend Break and A New Bike

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Its the weekend and I’m busy with non-citizenreporter life. However staying true to my roots as a blogger and a bicycle rider, I wanted to share this video my buddy Marc over at Amsterdamize shot today. It captures the first ride with my new Secret Service bike from Workcycles.com. I’ve never had a more pleasant bike buying experience, so much so I had to say something here on the blog because Henry and the crew deserve credit beyond just my purchase*.

*(thanks to the Dutch government for this odd small business-tax-credit for bicycles thing which I can’t explain properly, but helped make this possible)

6 thoughts on “Weekend Break and A New Bike

  1. Dear Mark,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog….you might not make a point but the point is that you are exactly making the point that I am trying to point out.


    Anyway, I made a decision and bought a flight home. Typically, since then Ive been getting promising emails about jobs here in Barcelona.

    Looking forward to getting together with you soon, Id love to find out how you do it, knowing and writing so much about so many different things. Its incredible!

    See ya in Adam!

  2. Hi Elsbeth — oooh you bought a ticket home. WELL.. Ill be very glad to see you when you get back and we can catch up and so no matter how confusing everything else might be.. it will be nice to get to sit with you in person for the first time in many years.

  3. This is great Mark. I have been eyeing the Secret Service, even after I got a nice used Breezer Uptown 8 recently : ) They are lovely.

    Can you give more detail as to how the tax credit works? Is it a personal business based one, in what type of business?



    1. Hey Kenny… I guess calling it a tax credit is misleading. It is an option that employers can do, where some percent of employee salaries is set aside and like.. an account.. and that money can be used, tax free I guess, for certain purchases. I wont list them all here but one is bike. The only other company I know that does this, is the Gemeente Amsterdam for its employees.

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