bm283 The Case Against Soy

Marianne Betterly started as a concerned citizen in her community, at first working on the topic of air pollution and global warming. Working on that topic would eventually take her to the topic of the amazon and sustainability. One of several topics she has focused on has been soy, specifically the soy agriculture in the amazon; how it works and its side effects.

We talk about how she started getting into this topic, the big companies involved in Soy in the amazon, GMO soy and how it works, who is consuming it, the situation for indiginous people, to eat soy or to not eat soy, etc. Please note that this is only the beginning when it comes to breaking down the very complex topic of soy around the world, in the coming weeks I hope to help answer many of the questions that remain after this program.

Marianne passed on this note after the interview:

I never mentioned biofuels – using soy – another future use of soy.

I also didn’t mention how important the Amazon is to sustaining our air and water…..The Amazon is responsible for a fifth of the total volume of fresh water entering the oceans worldwide. If the deforestation does not slow down/stop we will lose 40% in the next 20 or so years, thereby reducing the fresh water to the world by approximately 10%. This is a global issue – along with the increasing amounts of herbicides/pesticides that are being dumped on crops, soil, into streams and rivers.