bm278 Radioactive Waste and Germany’s Nuclear Future

Germany plans to phase out nuclear energy by 2021. But there’s some question if the government will really do it. Now the news has gotten out that radioactive waste has been leaking in the storage area that was supposed to be secure for many years to come. Will this speed up the nuclear phase out? What can be done about the dangerous waste and who is to blame?

Michael Scott Moore writes for Der Spiegel and has covered this issue. He also blogs at and he is the author of Too Much of Nothing. He joins me to explain what is happening and how the German media are addressing this issue.


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  1. Great show!

    I am glad you brought up the ?eco-friendliness? argument. I am sure that it will be a very effective card to draw when trying to win the public over to the side that is against the phase-out. And then there is the issue of oil dependence that Mike has mentioned. Questions regarding nuclear waste will have a hard time competing against those two arguments.

    This will be an exciting topic to follow ? especially during the upcoming election campaign.

    I?ll stop writing now and go worry a bit instead 😉

    • YO Mart. Yeah.. I keep hearing alot of forces in the world try to make nuclear fit in the green category. I feel like they’re hijacking what is supposed to be clean and renewable energy.