bm269 Vertical Farming and the New Agricultural Revolution

by bicyclemark

There is more to urban farming than just growing crops on empty lots in cities. In fact, there is a type of urban farming that involves growing alot more food in tall buildings, making use of the latest innovations of crop growing and energy usage. My guest, Professor Dickson Despommier of Columbia Universty explains what vertical farming is why it is so important for the future of human existance.

The site for all information on Vertical Farming

We Discuss:

  • Types of crops that can be grown in vertical farms
  • Where would they be located
  • The costs
  • The end of flood or disease damage
  • Growing seasons in vertical farming
  • Funding and who is interested
  • Power and outside needs
  • Problem with regular urban farming


  • Tom Waits – Lost in the Harbor
  • Okkervil River – A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene