bm249 Food Prices and Our Lives

The optimism that many people once used to speak about biofuels is now getting hit hard by cynicism when it comes to the rising cost of food and how that is related to food becoming fuel. Somewhere in the middle, we may find the truth. We may also find out what policies or forces are helping or hurting world hunger, and the cost of food. In this podcast I make use of a recent On Point episode, which includes interviews with numerous people that work in the field of food, biofuels, and the economy. Full credit to On Point as these interviews are all from their excellent program, with my commentary and own facts in between.

Listen to the original episode of On Point, here.


  • Corn and Sugarcane
  • Farm production
  • Tying Food Prices to Oil Prices
  • Conflicts in the World related to food costs
  • Disappearing Farmland
  • Regulation versus Market


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One thought on “bm249 Food Prices and Our Lives

  • February 17, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    I missed a look at the bigger picture in this episode. While biofuels have been demonstrated to be net energy positive (by roughly 35%) the emissions are often ignored. Indeed the overall CO2 emissions from petrochemical farming and burning biofuels are estimated higher than just burning the oil in the first place.

    So what you get with biofuels is basically a way to stretch out the remaining oil reserves by increasing emissions. Which isn’t very good for that global warming thing…

    Once peak oil hits (which by now even Shell admits to be 2015 the latest) the competition between food for eating and food for driving will increase tenfold. So will prices.

    I’m surprised peak oil wasn’t mentioned at all in the podcast. Maybe it might be a good topic for an episode to come?

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