bm248 Campaign Staff With a Dark Past

Virtually every candidate who was running or is still running in the US presidential election uses the word change over and over again. Some are more believable then others. While recently I’ve been trying to sort out where the money is coming from, in this podcast I look at who is on staff on the democratic side. Since both Clinton and Obama are seen as the most exciting candidates who promise change, I’m asking who are the people that shape their policies?

Campaign staff can very easily become White House Staff if the race is won, especially those individuals with the label of “advisor”.  In this podcast I talk about the advisors on staff, and those with a questionable past. While both candidates have some staff members with impressive and admirable records, there are also those with questionable connections and blood on their hands.

Useful sources I recommend for doing your own research:

  • OpenSecrets – As previously mentioned for money and elections
  • Muckety – Interesting Way to Map Connections

Articles Mentioned in this podcast:

Other Names I go into:

  • William Perry – Clinton Advisor
  • William Daley – Obama Advisor
  • Howard Wolfson – Clinton Advisor
  • Mike Henry – Clinton Deputy Campaign Manager
  • Patti Doyle – Clinton Campaign Manager
  • Robert Malley – Obama Middle East Advisor (alleged)

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5 thoughts on “bm248 Campaign Staff With a Dark Past

  • February 9, 2008 at 5:34 am

    About 2 years ago I listened to a podcast trying to explain how the political system really works behind the curtain in my country. If I remember correctly and don’t misinterpret you, they more or less pointed out the same latent diseases you just did: Political decisions are often not made by the well known and more or less 4 year elected politicians (often they don’t even understand what the heck they are talking/voting about). Politics is often made by advisors and old bureaucrats. They are in business and in power over decades, see politicians come and go and build up their own networks in politics and to the industry. In other words we think by the look of our government that it has changed, but in fact only the visible part changes regularly.
    I wouldn’t go as far as to tell that Bush, Putin or the dictator of your todays choice has nothing to say and is a puppet of his own staff without power, BUT they heavily relay on there staff and all the smaller things are actually done by these people alone: Like information retrieval, public appearances AND execution of plans.. you do the math on that.

    To sum it up: These so called advisors are very often industry influenced, well payed and always hungry mercenaries that don’t care about us, the people. They aren’t elected, but in power, they switch site in a blink of an eye and most of the time are not held responsible for their doings while having a lot of sandals on their way up.

    However, for me it’s kinda astonishing that there are a lot of discussions and fuzz going on, debating what will change and what is going on in this two-party system. (If they get rid of one party, I’m going to call them New Russia.) Those fools, what they think will happen? The US financial system is one half bankrupt and the other half is owned by China. The military, needed for keeping up the colonial empire, keeps eating more money and is socially destroying the country and literally other nations. The social, health, education system has given a notice of departure a long time before Chinese even consider poisoning toothpaste. The government spies on his own people, scares them and even restricts the right on open and free demonstrations (USSR anyone?). The US standards for torturing, valid presidential elections, death penalty, financing terrorists and dealing with pollution reminds me of an average third world country. Everything more complex than a bomb is outsourced and religion is getting more and more attention centuries after the Age of Enlightenment. Not science and logic, creationism is the next big thing, next to Britney’s snatch. I repeat my question: What do you think will change, except the name and the face in the tube?
    I like yeastradio a lot, but hearing this cute girl talking “if he is against gay rights and gay marriage, I will not vote for him” makes me sad. Gay rights should be the least of her concerns right now.
    Sorry, just my two thoughts from an outsider.

    Mark: I think your spam system got me one more time on my comment on Antarctic Research. I wanted you to have the link inside.

  • February 9, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Allan Nairn (news and comment blog):
    “The US Democrats’ dove is Barack Obama, whose chief foreign adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, greenlighted Israel to deliver the actual killing rifles (Galils) to Guatemala, since his President — Carter — was a little embarrassed.”

    Angry Arab news service: “”But Malley is not and has never been Middle East adviser to Barack Obama. Obama’s Middle East adviser is Dan Shapiro.”

    I have also tried commenting with links but nothing showed up.

    What is a vote worth?

    We have recently witnessed the observance of “Martin Luther King day” who, like Gandhi, promoted non-violent resistance.

    Jonathan David Farley in a Guardian article misinterpreted Gandhi saying: “”I have admitted my mistake. I thought our struggle was based on non-violence, whereas in reality it was no more than passive resistance, which is essentially a weapon of the weak.”

    As’ad AbuKhalil blog comments that: “Gandhi was distinguishing between non-violent resistance, which he explicitly said requires strength and bravery, and therefore is NOT a weapon of the weak, and passive resistance, which is to go along with evil even if you hate it.”

    Karmabanque still says, “Boycott Coca-Cola.”

    • February 10, 2008 at 1:27 am

      You’re the king of comment quotes. Though I do like your sources and Ive been following Allan for many years. Still there were a limited amount of public documented connections between the two men.. either way… it is of interest.

  • February 11, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    I know it was a slip of the tongue, but for those maybe not so familiar with US politicians, Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, not Senate Majority Leader.

    • February 11, 2008 at 10:47 pm

      right right. thats the good way to correct me… thanks richard.

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