bm246 Podcast Sources

by bicyclemark

During my recent appearance on Yeast Radio I was asked about where I get my information, in terms of podcasts. In an effort to recommend and share my sources for reporting about the world and a wide range of issues, this program is a list of what I listen to and why.

The links to these podcasts can be found among my podcast links in the blogroll, which can be found in the menu bar to your right. Remember these are not just the podcasts I listen to, they are those that I look to for reporting on issues that have a global impact. Below are a few that I mention that are not in my blogroll.

International Herald Tribune Audio News

Americablog Podcast

On The Media

Mixed Greens

The State We’re In / Amsterdam Forum; from Radio Netherlands

Hispanorama from RNE

La Bas Si J’y Suis

TSF Pessoal e Transmissivél / Sinais

Deutsche Welle

ABC Radio National’s Background Briefing / All in the Mind