bm239 Women’s Rights, Abortion, and Philadelphia

by bicyclemark

My guest on this particular podcast is one of my closest friends on this earth – Leah.  It just so happens that she also works at a women’s center in Philadelphia where women can have abortions. This podcast is about her experience working day-to-day, and what it is like both inside and outside the type of place that is so controversial for some Americans. We recorded this during my recent visit to Philadelphia, and (I confess) I was very honored to have such a candid and educational interview with such a special friend.

We Discuss:

  • The Womens Center
  • Legal questions related to abortion in the state of pennsylvania
  • Type of People
  • The people outside the center
  • Other types of Places
  • Abortion in Holland
  • Private versus Public centers
  • Violence and intimidation against women
  • Lake of Fire