bm225 What Really Happens to Our Food Aid?

When you hear the words food aid you no doubt imagine a wealthy country sending bags of food to parts of the world where people are starving. Yet in the case of the US, the reality is quite different. In fact, there is many ways that your food does not go from here to there. Even more alarming, could the US food aid program be hurting hungry people more than helping them?

“Who Does US Food Aid Benefit” is a recent article for In These Times, written by my first guest Megan Tady.

We then hear from Jordan Dey, director of US Relations for the World Food Program

Topics Covered:
– Different types of food aid
– Agri-business money making
– Genetically Modified Food
– Buying Local and Local Farmers
– Free Trade Agreements
– The farm bill
– Underlying Economic and Political goals
– Needs to address the present hunger crises around the world
+much more

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