bm222 Responsible Investment, Where is Your Money?

Most people put money in the bank and figure it stays there waiting for them. But everyday banks take your money and invest it in industries that are actually destroying lives and the planet. In this podcast we talk about that investment; ways of getting banks and investment funds to behave responsably and what power the client has to determine what is done with their money.

My first guest is Jens Nielsen from Friends of the Earth Netherlands who talks about the recent report on Dutch banks and Climate Conscious Investing

Next guest is Robert Rubinstein, CEO and founder of Brooklyn Bridge and the TBLI group, who talks about global investment funds, their motivatioions and behavior, and getting them to adopt sustainable, responsible, long term goals.

Topics Covered in this program:
– Dutch banks, large and small
– Why banks invest as they do
– What can be done to make them act responsibly
– The global picture
– Investment funds like the Gates foundation
– short term vision
– power of the customer
– herding cats, farming for the long term
– Green real estate


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