bm220 Teaching Videoblogging in South Asia

by bicyclemark

Ryanne and her partner Jay have made it their goal to spread the word of videoblogging around the world. Lately that quest has taken them to India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. In this program I take some time to talk to Ryanne about the journey and how she see’s the state of video online in relation to south Asia. And of course we’ll talk about the future. (pardon the occasional audio clitch, I liked the interview too much to let that that skype problem stop me)

Her Projects, which you should check out, are:
Ryan is Hungry – on Sustainability and the environment
Ryanedit – personal vlog
ShowInABox – for people wanting to start videoblogs

We Discuss:
– The Journey to south Asia
– Journey to India
– Things in Vietnam and censorship
– Representation of South Asia on the internet
– Function of having people tell their stories online through video
– prospects for the future