The Smell of Travel in the Morn

KL 6 something something to Newark, leaving in 3 hours…. I love the smell of travel in the morning.

Its time for one last bowl of Special-K with Soymilk. A quick banana. Load up the i-river with enough podcasts to educate and entertain the world, including a certain travelling fat-bian.

My final thoughts from these last few days in the Amsterdam: I may not have family in this land, but I have some of the most wonderful friends I could ever want. That that’s nothing to shake a stick-at. Who shakes a stick at things anyway, that’s rude.

Oh and lastly, I don’t care what the red-cross-crescent-crystal changes its name to, I’ll be calling them the red-cross for the rest of my brief life… so feck their silly marketing powermove.

No links, Gotta fly.

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