Worst regime in history? Looks like it! White House cuts global warming from report Environmental study censored, say critics Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles Friday June 20, 2003 The Guardian The White House has removed damaging references to global warming from a major US government report on the environment due to be published next week. […]

The International Criminal Court (ICC) officially opens this week in the Hague, Netherlands, without the participation of the United States. Based on ideas such as international law, human rights, and justice, most nations of the world have agreed that such a court should exist in order to hear cases of human rights violations, war crimes, […]

Today Donald Rumsfeld (yes.. again he’s the subject of this communique) threatened Belgium, Brussels, the EU and NATO. Angered by a Belgian law that says ANYONE in the WORLD can bring a case before the Belgian courts for having their human rights violated by war crimes and things related, Rumsfeld – in his usual senile […]

Ladies and Gentlement, what you’re about to see is real, presented in an entertaining and perhaps depressingly frank way, I present to you, courtesy of Slate Magazine (www.slate.com) and the department of defense (official transcripts) – THE POETRY OF DONALD H. RUMSFELD, WAR CRIMINAL: The Unknown As we know, There are known knowns. There are […]