The following is just more evidence of the horrendous state of the United States Government…. enjoy May 28, 2003 Exxon Backs Groups That Question Global Warming By JENNIFER 8. LEE ASHINGTON, May 27 Exxon Mobil has publicly softened its stance toward global warming over the last year, with a pledge of $10 million in […]

The Bush Administration, in the name of the United States, filed a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the European Union regarding Genetically Modified Food. Bush administration officials, as well as senators, assert that Europe’s refusal to import American Genetically Modified Foods is damaging to American farmers who want access to the important […]

So the Republican National Convention 2004 is to be held at MSG in NEW YORK CITY! Once again the party, rallying around their crown prince, show the nation as well as the world that they truely have no respect whatsoever for the people of New York City and the sanctity of that city since that […]

The Government of the United Kingdom has decided to “delay” elections in Northern Ireland. The benevolent goverment of Tony Blair, who loves to talk about bringing democracy to the people of Iraq, etc… apparently isn’t interested in implementing democracy in the terroritory that is controlled by his military, much closer to home. What an embarassment […]