The first round of Argentina’s elections took place yesterday. How difficult it must be to vote in an election, when your country has been completely robbed and sold by the very political class that continues to present itself as the saviors of the people. How many more IMF and worldbank loans will the next president […]

Guantanamo Bay… Camp X-Ray… where the US thinks it doesn’t have to care about human rights… among the places it chooses to ignore human rights in. I’ll let South Africa’s Mail and Guardian illustrate: US detains children at Guantanamo Bay 23 April 2003 13:44 The US military has admitted that children aged 16 years and […]

Largest political contributor among the general contracting corporations…. Bechtel. Giving $277,050 to Democrats and Republicans, its interesting that today this very company was awarded a $680 million contract to rebuild Iraqi water, power and sewage systems. A former secretary of state and defense secretary are employed by Bechtel. How interesting, how lucky, how completely surprising […]

Just one of my comrads, out of many, who was murdered this week: Silenced in the name of freedom By Paul Belden AMMAN – Some reporters can pull off the fashion trick of wearing a military helmet without looking ridiculous, but not Tariq Ayyoub. He had a round open face that just wasn’t suited for […]