The following was discussed by Michael Moore at River Side Church in Brooklyn and can be heard at … it is the second half of Democracy Now! Watching the reports on the news… you just keep hearing it over and over…. “This is so-and-so… embedded with the 3rd Marine expeditionary force, reporting for CNN”, […]

While the western media spends every waking hour showing its viewers US Army approved images of the desert, there are other battles taking place around the world. No, not the “war on terrorism” or even the “war on drugs”… no.. the battle that is being waged now poses the Ijaw people of the Niger-Delta state […]

Somewhere in the headlines today there was this report: “500 Iraqi’s fiercely fighting back against 5,000 Marines”….. 5,000 marines…. with the best equipment money can buy.. with all the training and moral high-ground…. against Iraqi’s that are probably using circa 1970’s kalishnakovs and Toyota trucks as their “armoured” transport. This is a war? NO.. this […]

It’s a tired feeling. A feeling like you’ve been holding together a dam… with your two arms… and if you let go.. you’ll be knocked over as the water rushes over you. Many have let go. Many are tired of resisting. They’ve given in.. they’ve accepted. Some have even changed hats. At some point.. it […]