Yesterday, according to NYTimes/BBC/LeMonde, the US military upped the number of troops being send to the southern Phillipines to help “fight” the Abu Sayef “terrorist” group that is allegedly linked to Al Qaeda, much like every terrorist group these days. This increase in troop presence in the Phillipines will bring the number of US military […]

Last week’s Courrier International which is published by the Le Monde Group, included an interview from the New York Times Magazine with Qaddafi back in January. This was a really long and detailed interview, with the journalist and the leader of Libya dicussing the past, the present, and the future. From this interview, usual media […]

The biggest danger in the world, is not the average American who might be in favor of war in order to “liberate” another country. No, the biggest danger in this world is the education system that produced that American. Because it was that system, those schools, that curriculum, and those teachers, who gave that person […]

“1,2,3,4 WE DON’T WANT YOUR OIL WAR!” … how many different languages can you imagine that being said, it one single day, in every corner of the globe? Never before… never has the world seen an excess of 10 million stand up, march, sing, dance, speak, draw, debate and perform their beliefs that this plan […]