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January 2003

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Colin Powell: the alleged “brains” of the Bush coup. As the months go on, and the count down to the restoration of some sort of democracy in the US approaches (when the people vote them out!), Powell sounds less and less like a free-thinker and more and more like a Bush clone. Which is ironic since Bush has such a fear of cloning.

Here are some quotes by the good General from the rich-people’s summit @ Davos, Switzerland:

He starts off with the now typical: “When we feel strongly about something, we will lead, we will act, even if others are not prepared to join us,”

Of course, he faced harsh criticisms from those crazy Europeans and their lack of will to bomb and kill, to which he responded:

`How much more time does Iraq need to answer these questions?’ ” Mr.Read Full Text

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There’s something wonderful happenning in Brasil. Something wonderfully simple. Something unheard of in the world. A government based on heart. This government’s number one program – FOME ZERO… Translation from Portuguese to English: HUNGER ZERO. Meaning – this government intends to irradicate hunger in a country that is home to the richest people in latin america… that is.. the wealthiest one percent. While an unimaginable number go hungry daily and live in utter poverty.… Read Full Text

→ January 15, 2003

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Joe Lieberman wants to be president. Joe Lieberman claims to be liberal. He makes Reagan seem progressive. His hobbies include blaming Maralyn Manson, Hollywood, and Rap Music for all the problems of American youth. Somehow he remains senator from Connecticut. I worry about Connecticut. Apprently it’s a bunch of conservatives with a guilt complex… so they vote Joe L. The democratic party is in ruins, they have barely an ideology, and with the death of Paul Wellstone (a true human being) they have no more progressive “liberals” left in their ranks.… Read Full Text