In the past two months American tanks have killed civilians in Korea and Kuwait. Today, a French Journalist for TF1 died after being hit by a tank while doing a story on the possible military action in Iraq. Conflicting reports say he suddenly got in the way, he was trying to get a better shot, […]

So… they want Iraq to make a list. But they already know what should be on that list. And so then Iraq makes the list. But they don’t like the list, and complain that Iraq didn’t make the list correctly. Why did they need Iraq to make a list in the first place? If it […]

Victory! That’s what occurred for working people everywhere last night as the NYC Transit Workers Union’s negotiation with the MTA resulted in a new labor agreement. This following a week of demonizing of the union by every major media outlet and even mayor Bloomberg taking shots at the union with his posing as a cyclist […]

11,000 pages! 11,000 pages…. basically telling the world about their entire weapons/chemical/bio programme! Thats what Iraq produced! Bush admin. is so quick to say “Well…. we’ll see” because basically they never intended these requirements to actually be met. They expected Iraq to just get annoyed… at some really excessive and intrusive requirements to avoid war. […]