ctrp367 Reflections on Revolutions

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It is a new day in Egypt. You’ve heard about the tools, you’ve heard about the youth, but what happened and what happens in not only the region but in places like the United States.  What do Egypt and the United States have in common and could youth in the US be inspired? And what can be said about Algeria, Iran, and other areas where something big might be happening and what is the nature of that something?

My guest is John G. Mason, professor of Political Science at William Paterson University (the same department and classroom in which I became socially and politically conscious).  He does not claim to be an expert with all the answers on Middle East or North African politics.  What John does know about is asking the right questions and keeping a critical eye on events even in a time when many have taken the focus off of the process now taking place in Egypt and Tunisia.

Liberation Square

Some of John’s recommended sources:

Juan Cole | Tom Dispatch | Courrier International

Complicated Cairo

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I often listen to stories of other people’s visits to Cairo, Egypt.? A place famous for so many things, what always strikes me about how people describe Cairo, is the huge clash between traditional and modern, or what some would call, East and West. Naturally I’d like to learn more and go see it for myself one day soon.? But until then, the world of podcasting and radio provides me with lots of second hand experiences I can live through.

The latest comes from Australia’s ABC radio national, the program background briefing, which last week put out a show about Cairo and the modern versus the old fashioned and all the problems it has brought the city.? Highly recommended listening, I felt the journalist did a great job. Moreover I listen to this show and I think to myself, I’d like to be funded and be able to do similar; bringing my audience with me as I explore and look into the changes a place is undergoing.? Perhaps with my upcoming trip to Istanbul, I can do a little bit of this.

Bonus, follow the link to the Background Briefing post, they included great photos and video. Again, I’d love to do similar.

bm202 The Case of Jailed Egyptian Blogger Monem

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Since blogging began we’ve seen people throughout the world, jailed for writing their opinions. And while many countries claim to be democratic and free, many bloggers have experienced quite the opposite. Today on the program, with the help of Mary, we talk about the case of Monem and the free Monem Campaign.

Useful Links:
Mary’s Blog
Free Monem site
Reporters Without Borders Petition

We Discuss:
-Who Monem is
-His work
-The Muslim Brotherhood
-The Arrest
-Other jailed bloggers in Egypt
-Danger of Torture and mistreatment
-Campaign’s focus and strategy
-Answering the critics
-Media and Violence
-Tools for helping free a blogger in Egypt