bm186 Liberia, What a Difference a Year Makes

by bicyclemark

It was one year ago that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was elected president of Liberia, promising the enormous task of rebuilding and reuniting the country. One year on, some may wonder how the process is going, what signs of progress and hope can be found across Liberia? Elma Shaw of Liberia Stories joins me to point out the milestones.

We Discuss:
-The milestones of development for the last year
-Running Water, Communications, and other services
-The types of jobs Liberians are creating
-Popularity of the president
-Outside interests and investment
-Charles Taylor in the public discussion
listen to the program for further details

President Johnson-Sirleaf’s Speech last year at the US Institute for Peace

bm176 One Laptop per Child

by bicyclemark

During 23C3 I had the good fortune of running into SJ who works for the Green Machine project. Which has been renamed the OLPC project, but I still like calling it the Green Machine because that is what it is… a 100 dollar laptop that had been designed specifically for the harshest conditions in the most remote places in the world. It is an issue close to any internet content creator’s heart… anyone who wants to see more of the world having access to computers and personal publishing online. If you’re intested in learning more, after the interview perhaps consult their website:


bm166 Working for Change in Tajikistan

by bicyclemark

When asked where Tajikistan is located on the map, few people can identify it among the ex soviet republics. Perhaps that is one reason why the story of Tajikistan today so often goes untold. My guest, Amanda of ChistianAid, who works to improve life in Tajikistan, helps explain the little known reality on the ground.

Christian Aid Blog from Tajikistan, as well as Podcasts

bm165 High Demands of the Western World

by bicyclemark

This being a family weekend in Brussels, I sat down to better explain what it is that is so troubling about the way we measure success in elections. With help from Monty Python, Ralph Nader, and a comment left by Tim Pritlove and others.


Democracy Now from Wednesday Nov. 8th, 2006
Chaos Radio
Mikeypod reporting on grassroots activism
Yeast Radio, of course.
The Gay Expat, audio and videos
And on and on

come to Vlog Europe next weekend in Milano