Planning and Packing

by bicyclemark

Podcast guests and topics are illusive this week, so far. At a dinner party this evening from across the room I hear “BM… this guy is from New Orleans!”

I jump up and have a seat next to him. A musician through and through who studied in New Orleans, as it turns out. After talking to him about my project and the issues I want to focus on, I was honored to hear him say “Well I’m glad you’re going. Its important that you go and do this.” He also spoke about how much it hurts him, reading and watching what is happening to his city from over here.

Anyway I leave you today and urge you to read This is Zimbabwe where another horror is still going on.. the ongoing horror that the whole world tries not to look at. (hell even me, somehow I don’t blog enough about the injustice there)

bm190 Struggle for Change in Guinea

by bicyclemark

The president of Guinea has ruled this west african nation for over 20 years. Under his rule the nation has become one of the world’s poorest and more corrupt. But recently the people have taken to the streets and declared a general strike, making demands of this president who previously seemed to answer to no one. What is really going on in Guinea and why… Pauline Bax, my friend and a journalist based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast joins us to explain.

Her Blog: West Africa Wins Always

We Discuss:
-The last month in Guinea
-The strikes
– Lansana Conté, what should we know about him
-Where the country gets income
– Working as a journalist in Guinea
– Mining and mining companies
– Who Benefits from the present situation
– Plenty more, download the show.


I will not be jetlagged, or silent.

by bicyclemark

Landed in the wee hours of the morning, here in Amsterdam. And since it’s October, it stays nice and dark until at least 7am, so I just pretended it was night time and I had a meal, read some blogs, and unpacked. – Which explains why I woke up in the middle of the afternoon.

On the flight over I had a chance to catch up with podcasts, mainstream and alternative. One of the podcasts that made me gag and foam at the mouth was, as usual, Meet the Press. They had a senate candidate debate between two Ohio politicians. Now I know I’m a broken record on this subject, but I cannot and will not remain silent when I see and hear fraud, hypocracy, and distraction disguised as an election.

These two candidates are the same. That is clear from the basic fact that they spend alot of time and energy trying to prove that they are not the same. Hard work when you’re both warmongering, wealthy, and puppets of two parties that share a common goal: having power and pleasing the powerful.

To some extent I blame Meet the Press for giving this a stage and pretending there is a debate to be had. Tim Russert should have spent his time exposing both men for being poorly informed on international affairs and completely vague about their domestic agenda.

I turned off the interview after 20 minutes and somewhat appropriately, selected the film “American Dreamz”.

bm156 Driving to Hoboken and Investigating International Crime

by bicyclemark

Live from the car driving in New Jersey, this is my first podcast recorded with the Edirol R9. Still learning how to work this expensive thing. Some talk about the investigation of the IRI and republican role in fixing the Mexican presidential vote. More and longer programs when I have more time to myself.. which is rare.


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