bm134 East Timorese Problems and the Bloggers That Observe First-Hand

by bicyclemark

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In late May, violence erupted in the streets of Dili. For many, memories of the nightmare of 1999 resurfaced. But beyond that, the question of what will become of this tiny and young nation also returned. In this podcast I attempt to look at the economic and social factors that are working against East Timor, and how violence fits into the puzzle.

In this show I focus on 3 Timor based blogs:

El Diario de la resistencia – Alexis Oriol Caceres of the Cuban Medical Brigade
Dili-gence, with the subheading Random Observations from an English Speaking Foreigner in Dili,Timor-Leste
Dili-Dalying (Two Years in Timor Leste), an Australian Couple
who work in East Timor and were evacuated to Australia around may 25th

And here’s the item on Coffee in East Timor