A Model Citizen

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Pondering big changes starting in September, beyond eating more ice-cream. I’m thinking of becoming a daily blogger, so I asked D-Rock if I should. His response was one of the finest emails I’ve ever received:

If you have the time to blog everyday, you living the life man?.I?m not wearing any underwear cause I haven?t done laundry in 2 weeks (I?m a busy guy)

I sometimes think I?m a bum cause I?m never home and there?s no food in my house and I haven?t done laundry in 2 weeks and than I think?fuck that shit Family Guy is on


After reading that, I can’t help but want to spend more time with young activist-professionals in DC.

I’m always preaching about busblog, because for me it’s the cat’s meow of the blogosphere. This week is an especially compelling one, at least I’ve been totally captivated by it, because of the “Last Days of Danielle.” Danielle being Tony Pierce’s favorite lunchmate and photo-model, who’s a great blogger and originally from NJ, I might add. Weird thing about blogging is that these people barely know I exist, and yet I’m going to miss Danielle. Futhermore, I find nothing lame about such feelings.

Onto more serious worldly type issues: South Ossetia, Georgia. Sound familiar? Perhaps not, but I’m already forseeing, according to the Moscow Times and other news analysis, that this will become a civil war. As usual there are outside interests involved, including the old standbys: Russia and the US. In this case Russia quietly supporting the idea of the region joining the Federation, and the US supporting the Georgian government in their attempt to assert themselves over what has long been an autonomous region. And of course, the key ingredient: lots and lots of arms trade, the illegal and legal flavors. Obviously I despise wars of any kind, and in this case I want outside mediation by neither of the two culprits who both have globs and globs of blood on their hands.

Somehow I found this photo of my nephew A-Ren on my server, so I had to share. He’s a bout three months old now, soon he’ll be moving out and finishing his masters degree. Ahhh how quickly time passes.

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Book Americana

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Apparently there are no more tickets left to see David Sedaris speak here in Amsterdam at the end of September. Also I hear the dress code is corduroy or denim, which sounds fun. However my visit to the American Book Center was not in vein, I discovered yet another wi-fi HotSpot in Amsterdam, the second floor of the ABC, which I can add to the growing list of lovely places to bring your laptop-lover. Also I discovered they sell imported chips deluxe cookies, but at almost 6 Euro per box, I think I’ll surpress my cravings.

Michael Musto, the mastermind behind the DAILY MUSTO, has never been among my favorites at the Voice. Too gossipy and showbusinessy for me. But this week he caught my eye, I found his article on the whole McGreevey debacle quite fun.

Speaking of New Jersey folk, my brother’s Foggy Recollection has started off in a very funny manner, and hence should become a much loved blog. Much like many of you out there, he definately needs to get into RSS, as my blogger-friend Chris finally has in Iraq.

These Google graphics keep getting better! And obviously the blogger community loves these sorts of things, as Torill was saying the other day.

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Puerto Rican Style

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I grew up in New Jersey, and I was a teenager in the days of all the TEAM USA Basketball hype. Perhaps some of you remember, it was when the US decided to send their professional NBA types, instead of those college guys who I guess were losing all the time to teams like Yugoslavia or something. I wasn’t excited at the idea, nor am I a big sports fan, but it was interesting back then… Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan representin the US, it was as it was called – a dream team. I guess.

But man oh man. Seems that since winning every match in Atlanta 96 and then again in Sidney 2000, the dream is dead. I watched this lame-ass effort last night, and I laughed my ass off, when I wasn’t being offended at the level of play by the Americans. Puerto Rica was superior in every way. And from what I hear, this US team lost their qualifier to Italy as well. How lame. And on the other hand, hooray for the rest of the world, no more one-country domination of that sport.

Recall elections seem to be the trend in the world this year. Chavez won his yesterday, and will therefore continue being president of Venezuela for the remainder of his term. I love populism and mass hysteria as much as the next guy, but I find it very annoying that officials are now elected for a fixed-year term, yet suddenly you can demand a recall election to get him/her out early. Sounds like politics is starting to resemble a trip to the local department store; you buy something, but then you don’t like it when you get home, and you return it. Bad metaphor? Well my point was to stress why so-called liberal-democracies are full of non-democratic quirks.

Being that I am such a fan of blogs from around the world, I noticed Jill’s post today about Chinese blogs. Which led me to an ex-pat in Asia’s blog that I’m now beginning to read. (And I’m glad its written in English, I’ve got no Chinese characters on my windowsxp setup) Its an especially good for its blogroll, including all kinds from Hong Kong as well as “plain old China.”

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Oui, C’est Bien ?a

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Je crois que j’ai jamais commenc? un blog en Fran?ais. Donc voila, la premiere foi, m?me si vous ne comprenez pas. – Hugh inspired me with his blog opening in French, and therefore despite my poor spelling (in all my languages) I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Another change of pace is that I’m blogging from DeBalie, the electronically hip cultural space in Leidseplein, Amsterdam. I’ll sit here for hours, considering I just spent 5 euro of apple juice and pie. I see nothing wrong with eating both together, you can never overdo apple.

So before I go OLYMPic, I should first discuss the good governor’s resignation in my home state of New Jersey. First off, it’s true that I’m a bit out of the loop with New Jersey news. I spend so much time reading newspapers from all over the world, chatting with Blondebutbight, and trying to clean the white tiles of the kitchen floor, that I don’t notice much on the New Jersey font. Still I do know quite a bit about Jim McGreevey and I’ve always felt the last governor pretty much booby-trapped the job with budget troubles before he arrived. I guess it could also be, as the D-Rock has pointed out, that McGreevey has been surrounded by scandal since the start. My only thought about this whole thing is that he should not have resigned, at least not yet. I feel that this story will be remembered as “McGreevey announces he’s gay and resigns.” Thereby legitimizing being gay as a reason someone cannot hold office. A simple yet effective way to set civil rights back a decade or two. I would have much preferred that he announce he’s gay and stay in office, bearing the brunt of whatever charges or troubles loomed ahead.

Now lets go Greek. I confess… I watched more than two hours of he opening ceremony last night. I’ll confess even more- I liked it. Maybe its the google olympic logo that charmed me, but as critical as I am of the money spent and wasted on stadiums and silly stuff, I’m now digging these Olympic games. I learned all these fun facts about countries like Palau and Gabon, not to mention the enjoyment I got from the BCC announcers dry humor. Then this morning I was fascinated by Judo, Rowing, and Cycling. I was surprised to see Jan Ulrich biking in the olympics. And while I’m a former martial-arts instructor (YES I AM!) I’m still dumbfounded by the rules of Judo. Anyway I can’t wait to watch the other wacky events, especially TABLE TENNIS!

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