Nerd Meetup

I’ve appointed a personal independent counsel to observe hairline security. I suspect there is serious receding going on, but I’m reluctant to declare the onset of balding. Jimmy Carter and his team will be helicoptering in later to assess the situation. For the first time ever, I met an online friend/a blogger I read – […]

Weep Kryptonians

Kal-El, son of Jor-El has died. This is not the first time either. But don’t worry, because the internet and wikipedia will ensure that Krypton and its sons are forever remembered. Derrida on the other hand, only now am I trying to understand him more. And I do appreciate what I understand of his philosophy […]

Get Your Ball On

The fantasy basketball draft is in two-weeks. All day long I’ve been in on the bm ranch running laps, dribbling, and studying plays. That’s right, you heard correct, I’m participating in the Busblog Fantasy Basketball League. And while I don’t know much about who’s good in the NBA anymore, I know plenty about fantasizing, so […]

This ol park 1

Welcome blogfriends, to the first edition of my new friday segment, THIS OL PARK, where bicyclemark reviews an Amsterdam park for a good hour or so, depending on my workload. Judging by the duck poop under my sauconys, today’s visit must have been to the recently renovated WESTERPARK. With the accompaniment of Kirsten Dunst’s twin […]