Throw Water on Me

I’ve now arrived in Lisbon, where internet cafés grow on trees. Hence, more blogging, but not as link heavy as normal, and of course, Big Daddy J is still in charge here. I attended a baptism today. It might not sound interesting, but for me it’s always a saga. Being a staunch non-theist, I enjoy […]

VP Eye Candy

The following is a shortlist of things I’ve done in place of when I would usually be net surfing: Watching hours of TV, especially TV5 Secials Sewing new yellow curtains Reading “The History of Gay New York” by this Chauncey guy. Showing visitors L and D around, and visiting the sex museum which is well […]

Quiz Hate

Well… let it never be said there isn’t peer pressure in blogging. TP has convinced me/pressured me/urged me to do it, so here it is, and I’ll never do another one of these because… just because. bloggers-only quiz 1. which political party do you typically agree with? Probably the French Green Party. (cause the german, […]

Snow Soup

I was very pleased to see new contributors/readers leaving comments in recent posts. Even if that meant I was proved quite wrong on some of my points, especially that students on the metro thing. Those Nadar and gay marriage questions have been discussion topics between me and friends for the past week. I love a […]